Your Choice + Your Actions = Your Life

Imagine flying home to help your beloved partner pass. You don’t want to talk to a soul but your seat mate on the plane is excited to go see her grandchildren and she wants to chat. Finally you snap at her, you tell her your situation and that you don’t want to talk, then you go back to looking out your window. Then you feel her hand on top of yours. She holds your hand for the entire flight with neither of you speaking a word.

Philanthropic award winner, speaker and author of Man Shoes, Tom Watson doesn’t have to imagine, that experience happened to him. He writes and talks about how to become a better husband, father and man and he was my most recent guest on Your Life, Unlimited radio.


I am presently reading his book aloud to the Hub and his story is unbelievable both in a tragic and heroic sense.

Today, Tom lives an amazing life from a place of gratitude, in fact, he aims to track 100 things to be grateful for each and every day. Every day!! Wow – that sounds like a full time job, but imagine what that exercise in appreciation must do for your psyche! He lives his positive and inspiring life by this simple, bold and profound formula:

My Choice + My Actions = My Life.

Imagine if we all took responsibility like that.

Enjoy the whole show here!


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