Your Legendary Adventure

When Paul Frazer told me what he was planning to do, I knew he had to be a guest on Your Life, Unlimited radio. Paul and his wife took a 8 month leave of absence from their ‘real life’ and spent 8 months on a self-guided sailing adventure in the Caribbean with their 3 school age boys. Ya-zah!

How did that go? How did the plan begin? How did it end? Is everyone still talking to each other?

All these things I wanted to know and also how you and I can plan our own adventures (big or small) in the upcoming months.

In terms of the 3 key things to do today to create a great 2013, Paul advises:

Create a story inventory – what are your stories? What the reoccurring themes in your stories?

Create your “bucket” or life list? Are they the same types of things as your story inventory?

Create your own personal mission statement? Why are you here? What is your purpose?

Check out Paul’s complementary download template to help you create your own Life List

Listen to the whole show podcast, here … plus …

And of course, we couldn’t let the last show of the year go by without saying a few words about resolutions. Enter MaryAnn Blair the tell-it-like-it-is Fitness Nurse at

QUESTION – What easy to make steps and strategies can we incorporate a healthy, fit and positive lifestyle?

Strategy #1 – Set your SMART goals. This where we fail instantly. Not knowing where you want to be is like getting into your car and driving to get lost.
Specific short term goal – where do you want to be in 3 months?

Strategy #2 – Make it top priority – Conscious Activity Planning. If you say fitness is important to you.. MAKE it important to you. Start TODAY – not tomorrow, not the first of the year, now!
It may not be your fault that you are fat, unorganized, lazy, busy … but STAYING fat, unorganized, lazy and busy is… small habit changes.

Strategy #3 – Access experts. Conflicting information, data overload … how to fast track on the right path? Pay and use professional experts.

Again, tune into the podcast to hear the entire broadcast.

As usual, I’m Stephanie Staples encouraging you to live – Your Life,Unlimited!


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