Your Innate Abilities

Do you know what your innate abilities are? If not, may I suggest it would be in your best interests to find out.

Enter Brian Jaudon, founder of, whose passion it is to help people discover their gifts. We had a conversation about the benefits (to you and the world) of discovering and sharing your gifts.

To listen to my suggestions for cool things to do over the holidays (that include unique ways to share your gifts) and my interview with Brian and day-brightener, Jon Tiessen talking about adding more wonder to your life, click the link below.

Meanwhile, Brian suggests a few things people can do to initiate their gifts discovery process:

1) Ask a dozen or so friends, colleagues and family members who know you well what they see as your innate or natural abilities.

2) Sit in silence and ask for a gift to make itself known to you through invitation and reflection – perhaps it’s a way of seeing, perceiving, relating or simply being (your presence).

3) Discern where you are on the five stages of gift development with a particular innate ability: 1) Inviting/Invoking; 2) Clarifying/Identifying; 3) Receiving/Claiming; 4) Honoring/Practicing; or 5) Offering the Gift in the World

You are welcome to email Brian Jaudon at [email protected] to receive 1:1 gifts coaching (donation basis) and/or visit is Facebook page GiftStream.

As you unwrap the next present you receive take Jon’s advise – focus on and be appreciative of the giver.

The world needs your gifts now more than ever – please share them with us!

Steph 🙂


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