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Stephanie Staples here with one quick emotional wellness tip to help keep you well during turbulent times.

So you know how it is when your mind gets all full of that crap that’s going on, all those non-productive thoughts just sitting in your head bogging you down. Yeah you know that stuff.

I’m going to make a suggestion and you’re not going to want to do it, but stay with me, the word is a journal.

If you don’t like that word,  how about  free-fall wiring? Either way the point is to  get all that crap that’s going on in your brain and maybe weighing heavy on your heart, out! 

You can either write on a screen if you want, or you can go use a blank book and a nice pen.  I love my purple pen, everything seems better when I write with that!

You can start with just one word and just commit to keeping that pen to paper for even just five minutes, write whatever is coming out of your head and/or coming out of your heart – just judging, no editing, just writing.

You might not have a huge revelation when that five minutes is done, but I can almost guarantee you, your heart and head will feel lighter.

If you want a prompt, you can go to my website, I have a free guided journal you can download that will help you move along with this process.

Otherwise, just write one word, set the timer for five minutes and commit to writing whatever is on your heart or head. You will feel lighter, you will feel better and getting those thoughts out so that you can process them properly will be helpful.

Journaling/free-fall writing is just one more way to keep emotionally well in turbulent times.


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