Words that Change Minds – How to Deliver Not-So-Great Feedback

Trouble communicating with a colleague spurred my intense desire to have a conversation with Neuro-Linguistic Programming Expert Shelle Rose Charvet. As the author of both Words that Change Minds and Wishing, Wanting and Achieving and the owner of some very funky, rhinestone-clad, pink rubber cowgirl boots, Shelle shared some simple strategies for making words word in your favor.

To deliver good news – say it and leave, so that that people are not waiting around expecting the bad news to come.

To deliver not-so-good news – State the information, then say ‘but’ and add three good things.

For example, “The way you spoke to me on during our last conversation was really unacceptable BUT I value our relationship AND I appreciate what you did for the committee AND I look forward to working with you again.

I also spoke about an inspiring couple. His has been bringing her breakfast in bed every Sunday for 61 years. Every Sunday – wow. What can you do for your honey every week – it’s got me thinking!

Find out more cool ideas (like how to motivate yourself for the long term and how to decipher the real message of an email) by listening to the podcast via the link below.

Listen in to the whole show from November 30, 2012click the CJOB logo.


As usual, I’m Stephanie Staples encouraging you to life Your Life, Unlimited!

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