When giving doesn’t feel good.

Sometimes you just have to give what you can, even if you want to give more.

Like most of the general population, I love to give – it makes me feel good (I’m not just talking about monetary things here). Often I want to give more.

I want to give more time, more attention, more care, more creativity, more money, more energy, more of me. Just more.

Sometimes I can. I have the time, the bandwidth, the ability, the resources and it’s great, I feel wonderful and I do it with a happy heart.

And sometimes I can’t.

Competing priorities limit my time, financial issues mar my gifts, pressing projects capture my attention, lack of energy limits my abilities, overwhelm wins and leaves me feeling lack. I give what I can but I don’t feel great because I know given a different time, circumstance or situation I could have given more. I feel drained. I feel judged. I feel sad.

Enter the 5 A’s that I share in my Bring Your “A” Game to Work & Life programs, I find when I run my issues through these filters it really helps me think, feel and act better.

Awareness – I feel sad when I can’t give to the level I desire to give at.

Accountability – No one else makes me feel bad about this but me.

Attitude – When I feel sad or drained or not enough, I don’t show up fully.

Appreciation – I feel gratitude when people give to me, perhaps they feel that way when I give too?

Action – What if I give what I can, even if I want to give more and I choose to feel good about giving at whatever capacity feels right in the moment. When I have more, I give more.

Try one, some or all of the A filters and see if you can reframe a thought or feeling that is not serving you well, it’s just one more way to live your life, unlimited!

Best, Steph 🙂


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