What’s Your Theme?

It’s been going on for quite a few years now, granted some years it’s better and more productive than others. But in every case, its been a good thing.


What is it? It’s the annual theme/word of the year.


Something to encourage focus and attention on for an entire year. Something that makes you think differently, more proactively, grander, happier. Something to help you (or me in this case) behave more powerfully, more purposefully, more deliberately.


Past words have included: invest, delight, grow, health and each has allowed me to expand my thinking and planning just a bit. Each has helped make decision making for the year easier. This year’s theme after much thought and deliberation is…drum roll please…”What if…”

And it’s not the negative, What if I die tomorrow kind of what if. It’s the positive, dream big, be bold, see possibilities kind of what if.


What if…
  • What if…I made up a list of 100 “what if’s…”?
  • What if…some of them were doable and some were off the charts?
  • What if…each one lead to a conversation of some sort and each of those conversations helped to connect me with someone else on a different level than if I had not asked ‘what if…?’
  • What if…one of those off the chart ideas led to something that could be put ‘on the chart’?
  • What if…one small idea led to something big?!
  • What if…one of those big ideas ended up as something small but meaningful to someone?
  • What if…one of my what if’s didn’t work out for me but inspired someone else to think, what if?
  • What if…making and continually adding to the list expanded my thinking and took me to places (literally and/or figuratively) that I cannot yet dream of?


Yes, What if… is the theme for me for 2017.


What if… you had a theme too? What would it be?


You can see my year of delight here!


Best to you always,



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