TOTD Topic Of The Day – Mom’ing

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom & siblings.


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Of all the things we do and accomplish in our lifetimes, positively influencing the next generation is probably best legacy we can leave in this world. Thank you to all of you women, and those who identify as women, who are being thoughtful influencers to younger people.
This one is for you..

To all you moms & mom-like peeps

Who stayed up late and worried heaps

To those with moms as good as gold

To those with moms now growing old

To you, with moms who caused some damage

For those who try so hard to manage

For you who turned out, despite or because

For you, filled with all encompassing love

A virtual hug, a pat on the back

For doing a job for which training is lacked

You give your heart, your mind, your soul

Loving this hard takes its toll

But still you stand, proud and tall

Trying to give your kids your all

Though it’s a job where, try as you might

The fact is you’ll never get it all right

But know your best is good enough

And perfect parenting is impossibly tough

Just, love them up, whether they’re big or small

Share in their wins, dust them off when they fall

Good moms hang in, that’s all you can do

With love and patience (sometimes), we muddle though

Happy Mother’s Day, thanks for making our world a better place, Steph  💕
Thank you so much for the most uplifting presentation I have seen since Covid began…we needed this!” C. Erickson, OR nurse
I’m having a blast delivering remote programs now (who knew?!) Click reply if you want to get this type of feedback for your next event!
O Siem – We are all family! Thank you Canadian, Inuk, singer-songwriter and author Susan Aglukark for this special tribute to our nurses. As she spoke in her native tongue it literally brought tears to my eyes. If you are wondering how I got this from her, I just reached out as a stranger and fan and asked! So happy to welcome nurses in Nunavut to the Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot , your orgs can sign up here, or if they won’t budge then a limited number of individual nurses can sign up here, courtesy of Nursing the Future.


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