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O Siem – we are all family! Thank you Canadian, Inuk, singer-songwriter and author Susan Aglukark for this special tribute to our nurses. As she spoke in her native tongue it literally brought tears to my eyes. If you are wondering how I got this from her, I just reached out as a stranger and fan and asked! So happy to welcome nurses in Nunavut to the Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot , your orgs can sign up here, or if they won’t budge then a limited number of individual nurses can sign up here, courtesy of Nursing the Future.
I’m having a blast delivering remote programs now (who knew?!) Click reply if you want to get this type of feedback for your next event…”Thank you so much for the most uplifting presentation I have seen since Covid began…we needed this!” C. Erickson ORNAC
Welcome to our latest GoodNewsLetter community members!
This week my friend from nursing school became a G’ma for the first time. When she sent me the announcement and the photo of her little sweetie I paused and lingered on his photo longer than I might normally have. I expanded the picture so that I could admire his perfect little features, I smiled as I imagined his first-time parents delighting in what they had created, I smiled as I imagined the new grandparent enamoured by this beautiful little being that will enhance their lives beyond measure.
By lingering, spending a little extra time, I experienced mudita – the pleasure of finding joy in the happiness and success of others. I wrote about Mudita in here.
Linger, a pretty word, it seemed to me and the experience made me wonder what else I am missing rushing from task to task. What else might I linger over and experience more joy from?
– a warm cup of chai tea and it’s unique smell that I love
– a homemade meal, one that we spend longer eating than we did preparing
– a kiss, a caress, a hug – holding on just a little longer
– a walk outdoors, less exercisey – more lingery
– people watching, children playing, happiness happening
– the sunset
-an idea, a quote, a good new story
-a warm shower, really noticing the water run from my head to my feet

I plod through my day from task to task

I give, a receive and help and I ask

I rush, work, I plan, I earn

I flit, I fly, I rush life by

But today I stopped, I paused, I waited

I enjoyed, I exhaled, I appreciated

I took a moment, some extra time

I lingered about, and made it mine

It felt like it was a luxury

Something special just for me

It led me down a surprising path

I didn’t question and no one asked

So I think I’ll linger on some more

Remember what life is really for

A kiss, a drink and evening stroll

When life gets heavy and takes it’s toll

Lingering an extra minute

Placing a smile firmly in it

Life is not an unending race

Today I linger at a gentle pace

Enjoy a little linger, Steph  ✌️



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