TOTD Topic Of The Day – Criticism

I’m in a talking-more-than-writing mood today, so if you are in a listening-more- than-reading mood, it’s your lucky day! If not, well, there’s always next week!

A disgruntled person, a nasty email and a surprise resolution shows that sometimes facing the difficult convo and Q-TIP (Quit Taking It Personally) can go a long way! Enjoy the full story above.


On the tube: The Year the Earth Changed – documentary (on Apple TV), it moved me to tears. If you can get your hands on it, I think you’ll be wowed! #BeautifulWorld


On the night table:  A Knock at Midnight – A Story of Hope, Justice and Freedom by Brittany Barnett – an inspiring, true story about Blacks and the American justice system and a gifted lawyer who leads the fight for their release. #EyeOpener


Noah & the Try-ceratops is ready for pre-order! Order your copy now and secure your invitation to the launch party! 


Online events have been a hit – I’d love to serve your team or organization…click reply and let’s chat about personal coaching or your next event!

“I have been at many other nurses’ conferences, but you will be one that I won’t forget! Thank you for bringing such enthusiasm and wisdom  at a time when we really need it!”   Sharlene Christie, RN


The Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot was a refuelling success with >82 % of nurses saying ‘Heck Ya‘ let’s do this again! If your org. missed the event they want to access the recordings for your entire staff – we can make that happen! Click reply for more info!

Cheering for you as always, Steph 🌸

PS – These are the organization who were showing the love for their nurses at #NWRR2021 – thank you to each and every one of you!


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