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When you are thinking that you might just be ready to own who you really are, pop into my living room for some real talk in the video above or ignore my chit-chat altogether and go straight to the (previously known as) ‘F.U.’  song (gasp – not you, but others!) at the 2:30 mark. 🎶 🤷‍♀️
If my music is not your cup of tea, that’s ok, maybe you’ll like this ‘resilient-themed’ playlist by DJ Jim Q on Spotify. It may come in handy when you need a shot of resilience!
So fun MC’ing a virtual nursing gala last week for King’s County in Washington! I know it’s not the same as in-person events – but it can still be FUN, I even wrote them a custom song! 📞 me, I will help you make your upcoming event even better!
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Be Careful ⚠️
Be careful what you care about, caring takes its toll.
Be careful what you care about, it may eat your heart & soul.
Be careful what you care about, is it worth the fight?
Be careful what you care about, sometimes it’s not worth being right.
Be careful Right’s not always right You may win & lose.
That’s it – those few words came to me today and that’s what I’m leaving you to ponder on this week. What do they mean to you?
  • Is caring for others hurting you?
  • Is your trying to be right about something causing undue stress on a relationship?
  • Is there an area you need to step back from?
That’s what I’m noddle’ing on this week.
Cheering for you as always, Steph 🌸
**I belong to a wonderful community called Mindcamp Connect. It’s full of incredible people from around the world and they host eclectic, fun, stimulating, free virtual events – join me now, you can thank me later! The catch? Absolutely no catch! I sometimes join a free-flow writing hour and this week we were challenged to compose and combine a prose poem with a Haiku poem (3 sentences, the first with 3 syllables, the second with 5 syllables and the third with 3 syllables) and have them ‘communicate with each other’ – that’s what you read above, fyi.

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