The Power of Your Mind

Spending time with Hypnotherapist Roman Buchok ([email protected]) can be life-changing.  Roman harnesses the power of the subconscious to help you reach your goals and create a you  that you are proud of.

I’ve been spending some time with him lately to help me curb my unhealthy eating habits.  The struggle that has plagued me my whole life is slowly being broken as I learn to tap into those old beliefs and reprogram myself to new, more healthy ways of being.

You can listen to my interview from CJOB on March 1, 2013 here:

Roman shares with us three ways to create lasting change; experience the present moment for brief periods each day, lose your attachment to negative thinking and live in the solution, all of which he expands on below.
Experience the Present – Moments of Meditation
The only time you can act is the present moment. Follow the breath to move into the
present. Inhale, hold for a second and exhale as if releasing a sigh. At the end of the
exhale listen to the silence and quietness for a few seconds before inhaling. You may
wish to practice this breath pattern for a few minutes in the morning or at other times
during the day. Because the mind is very active you may count from one to five on the
exhales. Focusing away from thinking to present moment sensations. It is not necessary
to change your posture or close your eyes. There are numerous opportunities for this kind
of practice – during boring meetings, at the checkout, while gardening, doing house
work, walking the dog and while driving. This is a wonderful practice to use when the
mind is disturbed or anxious.
Notice Negative Self Talk
You are not your thoughts. They are temporary; they simply arise and drop away. You
are the awareness that is experiencing thinking. Do your best to notice self-defeating
thinking and simply acknowledge what is happening. You may wish to acknowledge
your mind for being active. The point is to notice these thoughts as thoughts. Then
simply take a few of those present moment awareness breaths, counting from one to five.
This allows those thoughts to quiet down, to go their own way while you go yours. You
can’t choose your thoughts; they simply arise according to conditions. However you can
choose which ones to entertain.
Use The Power of Your Mind
At night just as your head hits the pillow. Take a moment to think about yourself as you
wish to be, using all your senses, especially the feelings. How do you feel as you
accomplish your goals? Stay with those thoughts and feelings for a few moments – what
do you see with those eyes, hear with those ears and feel with that body.
Finally, as you prepare to sleep, be sure to speak to your subconscious. It is as simple as
asking for what you need; the resources known and unknown to make the changes that
are important to you. It’s amazing what your mind can do when you just ask.

These simple practices have the power to transform all areas of your life.  The thing is reading doesn’t help, doing helps!

Please visit to find out more information about Roman and his practice.

Stephanie Staples  is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success and an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and life coach. She empowers audiences & clients across North America to bring their ‘A’ game to work and to life. Stephanie has a special interest in working with and empowering nurses and healthcare providers. She happily calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home.  You can get loads of complimentary resources to help with issues such as work/life balance, wellness, stress management and happiness in general, as well as find out more information about her coaching and speaking services at


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