Show up and Roll Up!

  Some people will do anything for a cookie. Though it’s true you can get your fill of sweet and salty snacks when you donate blood, that of course is but a tiny perk in the selfless act of donating blood. The fact is, if everyone who could donate did donate … Continue reading Show up and Roll Up!


Wave your positive wand!

So I’m on my way out of town to a three hour workshop for Administrative Assistant’s Week and I am their ‘gift’! En route, I decide to give The Hub a call to say hi. He tells me to please be careful driving in this city because a few weeks … Continue reading Wave your positive wand!


Embrace the Sloth


We had a fun family conversation about ‘Spirit Animals’; which animal you feel like you are most like and why. It was a fun, interesting and enlightening conversation. It was interesting to see which animal people connected themselves with and which animal other people selected for you. You may want … Continue reading Embrace the Sloth


30 Days of Something

If you read my latest book, The Try Angle – A New Slant on Life (if you haven’t, shame shame – go get it right now – I’ll wait…           ) then you may know that one of my 50 challenges in my 50th year was to go Vegan for … Continue reading 30 Days of Something


Do you get Annoyed?

Do you get Annoyed

  My seat-mate on a recent flight told me about a call she received from her ex-husband. He was driving down the highway and saw what he thought was her Dad sitting on the trunk of his car reading a newspaper on the side of the road. It turns out … Continue reading Do you get Annoyed?


Ay Caramba

It’s always a beautiful end to my year, the annual conference for my professional speaking association (CAPS). This year I was not on stage and I did not have a big volunteer role, mostly I was there to learn, share, grow and belong – the four words that encapsulate our … Continue reading Ay Caramba


Permission Granted!

Permission Granted

  It’s funny sometimes how you already know things but when a stranger says them out loud it suddenly sinks in. It’s funny how your parents, your partner, your kids can tell you something over and over, but when an unbiased third party says the same thing, it feels more … Continue reading Permission Granted!


Impact and Influence

I noticed her in the background standing alone. Other people took turns speaking with me after the program and she was patiently waiting her turn – not in line – in the background behind the line. When I was alone, she approached. “I really enjoyed your talk; I wondered if … Continue reading Impact and Influence


What’s your song?

Steph in airport

I may be a few years behind the times but I just watched the movie based on the life of Florence Foster Jenkins who was once reviewed as the ‘worst singer in the world’. I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud so much at a movie. If … Continue reading What’s your song?


A Grateful Heart

It started off as a business meeting but it was to be in an unusual setting, you see Frances worked from a home office and her home was on a private island. Toad’s Landing as it was affectionately called was a nearby piece of paradise. Measuring out at just over … Continue reading A Grateful Heart