Social Distancing…

Social Distancing

I’m self-isolating because I was in the States last week (plus it’s the right thing to do). I miss my activities and my friends. It’s not yee-haw fun, but it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world.
Every keynote engagement I had booked has been cancelled. This means no income; zero, nada, nothing. It’s not yee-haw fun, but it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world.
I want for nothing, I live in a first world country; if the toilet paper runs out, we have plenty of wash cloths and water;  it’s not yee-haw fun, but it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world.
You may be alone, you may not be able to live life as normal yet, you may be in social isolation for a while.
But, imagine this…some people are socially isolated much of the time, for much of their lives even. The different or the difficult, the elderly, the broken, the stuck, the bullied, those living in the margin, some by their choice, some not.
At this time let’s send out some good vibes for those whose social isolation is not a rare, temporary circumstance, but an everyday occurrence.
Most of us crave more time in the day. Some of us are getting it. Some of us are complaining about it.
Stop it.
Use what you got.
Start where you are.
Do what you can.

Here are some some creative ways to enjoy your social distancing, thanks in part to my fabulous Facebook community (if we aren’t FB friends please add me, if you’d like).
1. Call me, I will sing you a song, tell you a story or butcher a joke. 204.227.2165. Really, you can call me.
2. Check if your favorite place to eat and drink is offering delivery or takeaway options.
3. Clean your cupboards, closets and hidden spots (prepare some stuff for giveaway while you are at it)
4. Try new recipes (bonus points for healthy ones)
5. Get acquainted with a new language (I love Spanish on Duolingo)
6. Watch TED talks (technology, education & design learning)
7. Make up a special signal to show appreciation or something kind/extra, like a finger snap. No need to touch and not as loud as a clap.
8. Have a coloring contest – (print out some mandalas)
9. Write letters/draw pictures for patients/residents in facilities to brighten their day since visitors are not allowed (they will pick it up at the door).
10. Exercise, Yoga, Zumba with a YouTube vid or 3 great songs music
11. Support your local businesses who are suffering; purchase a gift card for yourself or someone else to use at a later date; consider purchasing  item(s) from a local shop instead of platforms like Amazon. Many small businesses offer online ordering through their website or social media channels and #supportinglocal will make a big difference to the resilience of your community
12. Businesses and organizations are hosting online meetups, how-to tutorials, and other ways to engage and connect virtually (click reply if you want in on mine)
13. Donate to local food banks. They will be in great need of extra support to keep important services going.
14. Make love (or something along those lines)
15. If you are safe to go out, give blood – they are still open and in need
16. Make a new playlist of inspiring, happy songs
17. Count your rice. Just wanted to see if you are still reading. 😉
18. Clean the fridge/oven (maybe even under them!)
19. Learn the Isolation Groove!
20. Watch a favourite old movie.
21. Get a jump on Christmas baking. Lol
22. Teach your dog a few new tricks.
23. Board games!
24. Spring cleaning; wash windows, clean up the back yard, paint, clean out kitchen drawers and re-organize!
25. Meditate
26. Take a walk outside, hike in the woods. It’s super good for the immune system and the spirit, and it’s totally compatible with social distancing.
27. Some museums are providing on line tours for free
28. Read a book, with pages! If you have a library card you can even read online
29. Purge and organize, get the whole family involved
30. Play cards; learn a new game
31. Get your taxes ready/done online.
32. Foster a shelter animal.
33. Count your blessings (write x number of things you are grateful for each day)
34. Bake – (healthy chocolates in my video here)
35. Post interactive questions on social media to engage with others and maintain a sense of community
36. Write and mail letters (in an envelope!) to seniors in long term care homes or someone you love.
37. ‘Isocreate’ – crafts, knit, rock painting, build, write, art –
38. Bake bread
39. Geocache – gets you out of the house and breathing fresh air and you can do it with your kids to get some of their energy used up
40. Learn something new. Google, “Free online course” followed by a topic that interests you
41. Work on your business or work on your next great idea
42. Leaving a positive online review through Facebook, Trip Advisor or Google Review will help your local businesses enormously when things begin to return to normal. Plus you can reminisce over some great things and focus on some positive things in
43. Invite your peeps for a zoom dinner party or cocktail hour – (40 minutes free)
44. Learn to beatbox
45. Try an instrument; improve your dashboard drummer’ing!
46. Dance party in the house!
47. Write some thank you cards!
48. Learn to juggle.
49. Find a new podcast to love.
50. ________________ – your turn!

Please click reply or comment to share your ideas!

My friends, this will be over, it will be over.

And when it is, how will you feel about the time you had? What will you say about it?  Next year when you look back, in 5 years, 10 years – what do you want your memory to be of this time?

Hanging in (in more ways than one), Steph 🙂

* Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), conferred by the National Speakers Association is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform proficiency. Less than 10 percent of speakers have earned this credential and are recognized as some of the best in their fields. Stephanie was one of only five professional speakers in Canada (and the only woman) to attain this designation in 2013.


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