Fun, interactive, never boring and so relevant for todays busy professionals –
you will not want to miss a minute of these engaging Keynotes!
Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work and Life!


If you have ever been tired, overwhelmed, stressed and it’s not even lunch time yet, you will need to hear this presentation. Stephanie has burnt out and bounced back and she knows firsthand that we can only do good if we feel good and we can only feel good if we are willing to look at our lives beyond our work. Journey on this high energy, no holds barred presentation as Step peels the layers back and exposes not only what you need to do to achieve uncommon success in your life and livelihood but how to do it!

Participants will:

  • Learn 5 ‘A’ Principles for a life of success & significance
  • Gain ideas for improving relationships, managing stress and improving work-life balance
  • Discover 2 techniques to apply to virtually any situation to make self-care achievable

“Stephanie’s presentation about improving your life is fun, high-energy, touching and realistic all at once.”

Brenda Catchpole
Get Lost – Finding Resiliency Without & Within

Sometimes you have to get lost in order to find your way.

Explore the options, expand your thinking and let creativity take you on a journey where the W.I.N. could be more important than you ever imagined.

Hold on tight while master motivator Stephanie Staples leads this fast-paced, interactive and idea-packed session that will have you laughing, thinking and inspired to take immediate action to positively impact your life and livelihood.

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session:

  1. A headache – from thinking so hard
  2. A heartache – from feeling so much
  3. A plan – to turn your dreams into action!

“Stephanie knows how to engage, hold, and motivate an audience.”

Dr. Debbie Stoewen
Director of Veterinary Services
Never Be the Same – Feel Good, Do Good

Do you have any relationships you would like to improve personally or collegially?

You will find answers, insight and inspiration in this session if you want to make the world a better place and get concrete ideas to grow yourself personally and professionally. Learn how to take relationships, personal growth and gratitude to the next level in this is uplifting, fun and game-changing program. You may never be the same.

Choose this session if you want your peeps to:

  • Think better
  • Feel better
  • Act better

“She was fantastic! Her approaches to involving the crowd were new and intriguing – very different from other speakers I have encountered. She was engaging and upbeat and brought perspectives and new approaches to our work.”

Krista Zipper
Professional Property Managers Association
The Idea Bank – How to Create a Breakthrough Year at Work & Life

Are you tired of the status quo?

Have you been searching for inspiration, innovation and insights but don’t know where to find them?

Put the idea bank to work for you and hold on to your chair for a mind shift than can help you make the next 12 months the most happy, healthy and pro-active of your life.

Choose this session if you want your peeps to:

  • Learn to get unstuck from non-productive situations
  • Generate personalized, pro-active, actionable plans to overcome issues, challenges and struggles
  • Adopt an attitude that will serve create more opportunities than they ever thought possible.


For Meeting Professionals

Whether it’s your first time planning an event or you are a seasoned professional, Stephanie will work with you to ensure optimum engagement and ROI. Her goal is to make your job easier, your audiences happier and make you the hero!

Customized Tributes

As part of Steph’s Customized Keynotes she can create a Tribute to the groups she is speaking with.