Executive Coaching

Leaders, lead yourself first. If you are stressed, overwhelmed and lacking time, energy and motivation then coaching could be the missing link for you.

Your staff are looking to you for direction and inspiration, but they may not be listening to the words that you are saying. What they are doing is watching what you are doing, watching how you are showing up, how you are leading with your actions.

Working with high level executives to help them hone their communication, leadership and presentation skills is a hallmark of Stephanie’s work.

Pair that with the work/life balance and wellness aspects she brings to the executive coaching partnership and you can’t help but bring your ‘A’ game to work and life!

“Stephanie has far surpassed my expectations. I am convinced that she has a knack for “reaching” just about anyone. If you are expecting results, I would recommend her without reservation!”

Jeff Barnhart
Ochiltree General Hospital
Team Coaching

Is you team on the same page? Are they even reading from the same book?

Team coaching is an excellent opportunity to connect, understand and grow your team. Diving deep into areas that are often untouched, avoided and frequently difficult to discuss can lead to breakthroughs, improved collegial relationships and result in incalculable ROI.

Invest in your team and watch the payoffs return long after the sessions are over.

“Stephanie is a competent, professional and passionate consultant that guided us in changing the culture of our healthcare campus.

Her personality and skill set, specifically her straight forward, honest yet caring and compassionate approach to teaching and instructing folks was and is a large part of our organizational success. She instills the necessary principles and philosophies to go along with the “tools” that she teaches an organization to ensure success and sustainability of those changes.”

Ward Van Wichen
Malta General Hospital
Business/Personal Coaching

One on one coaching is definitely not for the faint of heart, you must be ready, willing and open minded. Throughout the process you will be exposed to new, and often foreign, thoughts, feelings and actions, you will be challenged and encouraged. The bar will be raised and you will rise to the challenge!

Powerful and life-enhancing, coaching sometimes takes on a magical life of its own, you will become more of the amazing person you were born to be. Prepares for a lot of “aha!” moments.

Often people choose coaching to break through stubborn long-term obstacles, clarify exactly what they want to achieve in their life and create a foolproof plan to create it without further delay. The majority of coaching is done over the phone and/or Skype so distance is not an object and convenience and anonymity are maximized.

What would having the expertise, focus and accountability of a creative partner who is set to see you exceed yourself imposed limits, do for you?

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an experience like no other! Six sessions over a six week period yielding fantastic, positive changes!

Gather together a group of like minded people who are committed to making small choices to create big changes, combine a never-ending toolbox of creative life coaching ideas, throw in a bit of personalized ‘happy-work’ and support like you have never had before to help you create and achieve your goals.

The synergy that is created within this group environment, each and every time-without fail- will leave you with a group of:

  • New friends, championing for each other
  • Happier, more confident people
  • Idea filled and empowered individuals
  • Believers in the coaching process

When you look deeper, you’ll discover improved relationships with spouses, children and co-workers, a sense of greater personal empowerment, and confidence to do what needs to be done to move your life forward.
Custom group tele-classes are available by special request.

Coaching Options & Investments

3 Month Package – great for longer term, break through life enhancing changes: 2 sessions per month (approximately 45 minutes each), unlimited e-mails – $250 per month

Single Sessions – perfect for cutting to the chase with major and critical decisions, brainstorming and support: 45-60 minutes- $150

Laser Coaching – super laser focused, great for accountability and quick burst of inspiration: 4 ten minute sessions once per week- $150

Coaching payment options

Group Tele-Coaching – the best deal on the planet- $27 per session.