No Apologies
Steph penned this meaningful Spoken Word Poem and had it white-boarded, see if it resonates with you.
Hair Today, Gone Today
She wasn’t sick, she just wanted to raise money for sick kids, so she shaved her long hair off in front of 350 people and ended up raising almost $17,000!
Live in Vegas
Live at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas! This is the closest thing to seeing Steph live – it’s about 15 minutes in to a 60 minute Keynote, enjoy!
Stephanie Staples
This is Steph In less than 3 minutes see dozens of variations of Steph – zoom over to 1:32, if you don’t have 3 minutes to spare!
Making it Rain
In two minutes Steph and her audience make it rain, thunder, lightening and then make it subside. Play the video twice, once with your eyes open and once with your eyes closed and see what you see!
Stephanie Staples – Your Life Unlimited
The fabulous Stephanie Staples opens your heart, mind, body and soul to Your Life Unlimited. Invite her to your next amazing event!
Lessons from a Rubber Duck
Two provocative, game changing, life-enhancing questions.
Life’s not a Race
Find out why coming in last, is sometimes best.
Mind Reading
No matter how much they love you, they can’t read you mind.
How could she have thought this was a good idea?
Inspirational speaker, Stephanie Staples shares yet another of her hilarious true stories that results in an important lesson we can all benefit from. This particular experience is one of the many incredible lessons that have come about as a result of Stephanie’s 365 day Love Everywhere Project.
A Tribute to Early Childhood Educators
For this special group that takes care of our most precious resources with little fanfare, accolades or big financial payoffs, this one’s just for you!
There’s More to Getting Physical Than Just Getting Physical!
Learn the four key components to get your physical life up to snuff and find out what 150 minutes per week will do for you!
You and Your Money
Are you an avoider, a spender or a saver? Hear are some resources to get you on your way to financial freedom!
Agree to Disagree
How bacon grease changed this relationship and why it should matter to you.
Dealing with Difficult People
Simple tips that you can employ at work, at home or in the grocery store to better handle those porcupine people!
Need More Energy?
Here are 3 easy things you can do to pump up your energy level.
Are You Having Enough Fun?
See, seek and seize fun everywhere (well, almost everywhere).
Make a Difference
You don’t have to start a foundation or give all your money away to make a serious difference. This unbelievable story will help you open your eyes to opportunity!
“Weather” or Not!
It’s too hot, it’s too cold. Too windy, rainy, sunny … Learn how to carry your own weather – no matter what the temperature is outdoors!
Creating a Great Relationship
Why every arrival and departure should be a spectacle and you should buy things you dislike.
Beat the Winter Blues
Find out what a scarf and a beta fish have a common and why it should matter to you – unless you live in Hawaii.
Journal On
This is not your Grandmothers diary. Learn about simply types of journaling that can help you take better care of yourself. Plus, get your free Guided E-Journal!
How to Stay Motivated
You’ve set your goals, you are pumped, jazzed, excited and then…the next week comes. Find out what to do to when your motivation wanes.
Successful Goal Setting
You want those goals to be a bit of a stretch, but doable. Combine H.A.R.D and S.M.A.R.T. goals to increase your success rate!
Don’t Care What People Think
One thing that stops so many of us from living our true potential.
Motivate Yourself!
If you love to exercise you can skip this video! Otherwise, find out the importance of this statement – ‘don’t ask if, ask which.’
There Must Be A Better Way
This tip will help you solve almost any dilemma.
Do you know the difference between healthy guilt and unhealthy guilt?
What Is Your Role?
The million dollar question to ask yourself when you feel stuck, blocked or trapped is revealed here.
A bad reputation may follow you around, but living a life of integrity will proceed you.
Show Restraint
How to make any relationship better.
Good intentions are not enough.
What stepping in front of the mirror will do for you.
Cranky? How to shift your attitude quickly!
Want to be more fulfilled, more content, more satisfied? Watch this vid!
Move from knowing into growing.
The easiest way to shift your focus from that of lack to that of abundance.
Your Life, Unlimited Welcome Video
Welcome to Your Life, Unlimited where helping people find more time, energy and motivation to live ther best life is the name of the game!
Word Removal
Why you should remove certain words from your vocabulary.
Vision Statements
What a one line vision statement can do for you.