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Every week Stephanie interview experts in personal and professional growth, people who exemplify successful living and/or doing cool and wonderful things in and for our world plus she shares positive and proactive coaching idea for you to implement right away. These 35 minute podcasts are an easy and enjoyable (not to mention free!) way to learn and grow.

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Never Be The Same

Try Something New.

As I make my way through my 50/50 list, the list of experiences I am adding to my life in my 50th year, I am met by all sorts of interesting comments from others. Some are impressed, some are inspired, some just shake their heads, but most ask the question, “Why? Why are you doing this?”

Un-Junk Your Diet

Acknowledge those that are easy to forget.

Have you ever thought to notice who’s invisible in your life? Perhaps it’s your bus driver, mailman, service provider? The clerk behind the counter, the guy that fixes your car?

Stifle the Ughs!

I heard a discussion on the radio about Sofia Loren and her ‘secrets’ for positive aging.

Now many of us have a different type of beauty than she exudes and I confess to thinking that it was highly unlikely that any thing she said would apply to me. But, as often happens, I was wrong.

It’s not just about what you do…it’s about what you think.

Yoga – it’s all the rage. Hot Yoga, Couples Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Acro-Yoga – all great in so many ways, but have you ever heard of Eye Yoga?

Consider being Wrong

Consider what you may learn, if you are open to being wrong.

My wonderful friend and amazing comedian, Big Daddy Tazz, posted this conversation he overheard the other day between a grandfather and his grandson.

Look Better in Three Seconds!

Put a pencil or pen lengthwise in between you teeth.

It may not be the most sanitary thing you do today but look in the mirror and see what happens – you’re smiling!

The Family Huddler

The Family Huddle – what’s up with that?

Stop Counting on Willpower

Stop counting on willpower.

Have you been envious of people who seem to have so much willpower it never seems to wane?

Give Long Term Memories

Meet Kirk my new minimalist friend. Kirk comes from wealth but has chosen to live his life with as few possessions as possible.

Ready for something completely different?

Ready for something completely different?

If you like adventure and people and new experiences Couch Surfing may just be for you.

It doesn’t have to be that hard.

I have be practicing retro-walking or backward locomotion lately both to reduce the boredom of conventional walking and for the added health benefits.

Master Three-Point Communication

Have you ever had to deliver negative feedback and found it extra difficult because the person in question didn’t take it so well, maybe they took it little to personally.

We have been well trained to communicate using the benefits of eye to eye contact (or two point communication). But there are certain situations when it’s not the best option and delivering negative feedback is one of them.

Know When to Take Action

Know when to take action

Your colleague is late and it’s affecting you. Your spouse says that certain word that gets your back up.

Your kid left something at the top of the stairs instead of bringing it downstairs. You caved and had the extra slice of pizza even though you are full.

How do you know whether to just count to 10 and ignore it or speak up?

Bring Einstein’s Mother to the Table

Do more autotelic things!

The other day I stood on my head.

“Why?” you ask?

“Why not?” said I.

Zest, Honor and Self Made Success

I was thinking about the word honour this week. Sometimes we honour people to acknowledge a special occasion for them, when a milestone is reached or when they have passed.

Do you remember the last time you felt honoured? What was that like for you?

Be Where You Are

Be where you are.

Do you ever find when you are at work you are thinking about everything that you are missing at home and when you are at home, you are spending too much time thinking about work.

The Best or Nothing?

Get ready, I’m on a rant. A poetic rant – but it’s a rant nonetheless. Enjoy. Or not. Either way, it felt good to get it out.

Smile on the Inside

Meet Sean, the shoelace guy. I meet him last week. Sean, a nice, young, corporate guy dressed in the tidy requisite suit caught my attention. Not because of his smiling face but because of his shoelaces.

Crazy, Busy, Nuts!

I don’t know about you, but I’m busy. Busy, crazy, nuts. But I never use those words – they don’t serve me well.

Still, if you are like me you spend much of your time doing and very little time being.

Resolving to Resolve

Whether you believe in them or not, whether you call them resolutions, commitments, affirmations, intentions or whatever… they can, and have, worked for thousands of people across borders – why not make them work for you?

Here are a few ways to increase the likelihood of making 2016 one outstanding year – the year you didn’t just talk about doing ‘it’ – this is going to be the year you actually did ‘it.’

Grow Into It

Every year, I choose a theme. I choose a word to wrap my year around. A word to help give me focus and clarity.

After careful consideration and lots of conversations with my favourite person, the word to focus on for this year has finally been settled on.

Our word is GROW.

I Love Me More than Sugar!

They say when you are ready the teacher will appear and so he did.

About three weeks into my self-imposed 50 day sugar-free retreat, I was connected with Barry Friedman, author of I Love Me More Than Sugar. His enthusiam for being sugar free is (almost) contagious!

It’s not your fault you’ve been lied to.

Dr. Ryan Greschuk author of, It’s Not Your Fault You’ve been Lied To shares some insights on today’s podcast. Dr.Ryan believes that your body has within it everything it needs to be healthy and encourages us to not accept the myth that aging equals being unwell.

I would like to tell you this because…

I would like to tell you this because…

When you set up a conversation like this, it’s like a signal to the other person, it helps prepare them for the message you are about to deliver.

Unconscious Acts

I asked the flight attendant my ‘famous’ question, “Tell me something beautiful, loving or kind you have seen done on a plane.”

This smiling woman didn’t even have to think, she answered immediately.

Decisions, Decisions!

What’s your purpose this week?

To get through it. To get as much done as possible?

To stay out of trouble?

To leave your mark on our world.

Throw Your Scale Away

If you locked your partner and your dog in the trunk and twenty minutes later you went back to get them out – which one would be happier to see you? lol

Out of Order

I passed by a drink machine the other day and the sign said Out of Order. Oh man, that sign resonated with me at that moment. I had felt out of order for the last few days.

Peak Performance

Thought for the week, if plan ‘A’ doesn’t work there are 25 more letters in the alphabet!

Too often we quit if our first try doesn’t work. Come on, we are more creative than that! Pull out – or create – plan C, D, E…L,M,N,O, P!

What’s driving you crazy this week?

What’s driving you crazy this week? Something at home? At work? Something about yourself that is pushing you to the edge this week?

Expect the Best of Change

When dining out, a friend of mine does something a little unusual. When the waiter comes over to introduce himself, Brian asks, “Are you the very best waiter in this restaurant?” As you would guess, the serving staff almost always answers, “Yes, of course!”

Falling ain’t so Bad

This week I had a lot of falls.

Patience Grasshopper!

Be patient. If you are have been starting to eat healthier or exercise or work on a new project, you may get frustrated because you aren’t seeing changes or feeling as different as quickly as you had hoped.

Want to be a S.O.B.? Spunky Old Broad that is!

Be patient. If you are have been starting to eat healthier or exercise or work on a new project, you may get frustrated because you aren’t seeing changes or feeling as different as quickly as you had hoped.

Things that Matter

Want to do something that matters? Donate something this week.

Call Big Brother’s or The Diabetes Collection Crew or whatever charity in your town does donation pick up and arrange a date for them to stop by.

Eat Chocolate, Laugh More!

You probably don’t have to develop a hankering for chocolate, but perhaps you might need to develop a perspective for humour?

Either way, we’d got something for you today with two delicious topics!

Making Mealtimes Rock!

Don’t underestimate the family meals.

So many families, with the rush of scheduling, are not getting the full bang for their buck at mealtime.

Eating together is about more than just eating together.

Small Talk Leads to BIG Talk

Developing a strong character, generally we don’t think too much about our character, we just carry on our merry way.

This week spend a bit of time reflecting…

Walk, Stroll or Stomp

There are lots of different ways to put one foot in front of the other; a walk may sound boring but consider a few different types of walks you could go on.

Living Well!

Stephanie Staples, CSP is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, and the recipient of the 2014 Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur Award for Contributions to Community.

The Gift of G.A.B. – Goals, Attitudes, Behaviours

Criticism anyone? No?? You don’t like to be criticized? Imagine that. Well, like it or not, chances are good it’s going to be coming soon to a theatre near you (or maybe for you?).

What do you value most?

If I asked what on this earth you value the most, I’ll bet you would say your family.

AED and other things you should know!

You’ve seen them everywhere but have you ever wondered what to if you actually had to use one?

I’m talking about the AED machines. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). SCA is a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating.

Navigating the R.I.D.E. of Change

Writer Tracy Tjayden and change agent Maria Malayter, Ph.D. joined me in the studio today for this week Your Life, Unlimited radio show and wow our topics may have spanned the gamut from encore careers to spirituality but one thing is for sure, they all were on target with our Your Life, Unlimited focus.
This was just some of the advise gleamed from our adventurous guests on Your Life, Unlimited this week.

i on Adventure

Create a yearly theme.
Just say ‘Yes!’
Wake up curious.

This was just some of the advise gleamed from our adventurous guests on Your Life, Unlimited this week.

Holding Space for Yourself and Others

Do you feel lucky? Well, You are lucky! it’s like you have horseshoes stacked around your neck, a rabbit’s foot in every pocket and a whole salad made of four leaf clovers! You are so lucky, so fortunate.

What is Sacrosanct to You?

This week mull over the word sacrosanct. Sacrosanct is something sacred, respected, something regarded as too important or too valuable to be interfered with.

The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received

Holy moly, when I ask my quest questions on the Your Life, Unlimited radio show, I admit I often know the answer to the question already. Not so during today’s show when I asked these two Dad’s some questions in relation to parenting. Winnipeg Free Press humour columnist Doug Speirs and professional speaker Adrian Davis joined me this week and there is some great advice, some laughs and some shocking revelations in the show.

L.O.V.E.™ Your Work and Life!

It could possibly be the best job ever – being a magician on the radio! How funny is that. 🙂

Words Can Build and Words Can Break

Excuse me while I rant.

Twice this week, twice in a professional setting while in conversations, two different people used the word retarded in my presence. I know they did not mean to offend, I know that they were good people talking about a circumstance not at person but both of them were oblivious to the fact that the ‘r’ word is just not ok to use anymore.

Are you Guilty of Lazy Thinking? Think Again

Imagine having raised 4 kids and your spouse comes home and wants you to think about adopting a baby.

Yikes! Welcome to Jim Robson’s life and his son River has changed him forever.

Obstcles Schmobstcles

Mike Malyk, has lost over 100 lbs and just finished his first Boston Marathon. Tracy Garbutt is blind but didn’t let that obstacle come in between him and his life-long dream. Joe Tasse has had 2 hip replacements – just a minor obstacle to completing the Triple By-Pass Road Race through The Rockies.

S.N.A.P. out of it.

Trying to get rid of a bad habit or a negative, unproductive thought?

Have you tried to rid yourself of it before without success?

I have an idea and it’s not going to hurt – well actually it might, just a little.

Procrastination Plus – The Power of Rewards

What do a ‘good enough girl,’ dread and perfectionism have in common? They were all topics for discussion on this weeks Your Life, Unlimited radio show. Not only that but Executive Coach Dianne McCoy put yours truly on the spot!

Enjoy the whole show and the guest blog post by Rita Emmett Author of THE PROCRASTINATOR’S HANDBOOK.


The Your Life, Unlimited quick tip of the week – Appreciate You.

Very often these tips are about how to live bigger, better lives, how to make the world a better place, how to make yourself a better person, etc. etc. etc. Not today.

This week I want to encourage you to focus on and appreciate you. Y.O.U.

Patience & Passion

Be patient. Change takes time.
Be patient. Old habits don’t leave easy.
Be patient. You didn’t gain weight or lose muscle mass overnight.
Be patient. People slip back, you are normal, keep at it.
Be patient. Your goals are just that… objective, aims, targets – they are there to keep you motivated.

Play Fair

Fit Tip: Shake it up! If you get bored easily, variety could be the key to keeping exercise a part of your life over the long haul. Try different classes, different instructors, different pieces of cardio equipment – have you tried Jacob’s ladder yet? It’s pretty cool!

Are you ready to create an outstanding life, really?

Really, yep, that’s the word I want you to ponder. Really – it means in actual fact.

Add the word REALLY to your vocabulary this week and see what kind of a difference it makes.



What do you do everyday that is meaningful to you?

Listful Thinking!

I stood behind a woman in line the other day, she looked very pretty but acted very ugly. She was rude, short and condescending to the clerk who was trying to help her.

BE the difference!

Barbara Teicher, author of It’s HOW you say it, shared with us some great communication ideas on our Your Life, Unlimited radio show today.

How Can I be a Better…

The hubby and I are into our 32 year of togetherness. Which is really hard to believe when we are only 38 years old but anyway…

Joy, Loss, People and Pets

Dr. Debbie Stoewen has more initials after her name than I have in mime! This veterinarian has her PhD in social work and has perhaps one of the most unique jobs on the planet…she is an Empathy Officer for Pet’s Plus Us. She helps people soften the pain and loss of their beloved pet.

Success. Success? Success!

I’m still on a kick of de-bunking some of the common ‘motivational phrases’ out there. Here are some examples of how this ‘motivational speaker’ disagrees with some well known platitudes…

How’s your Diversity Competence and Disability Etiquette?

If you want to see innovation, moral and engagement increase in your workplace, my guests on today’s radio show have an idea for you. Inclusion. Susana Scott and Dave Fishchl are both advocates for persons with disabilities – both seen and unseen. They shared their insights and stories of success during today’s show and gave us all something to think about.

I Spy – Something Postiive

I spy with my little eye… oh it was a fun game when we were kids., wasn’t it? Many hours were passed on car trips!

But now, often what we spy are things that are not going right, people that annoy us and details that aren’t perfect.

Strategies for Surviving the Road and Life!

We had a fun and inspiring conversation this week with Michael Clark, knower of all things car-related and host of The Road Trip on CJOB and with Faith Wood knower of all things positivity related!

Raising Confident Girls

It’s often not the one big thing that occurs, rather a series of small things that cumulatively make a big difference. The point was hammered home when I read the book 9 Ways We’re Screwing Up Our Girls and How We Can Stop by Anea Bogue and in our subsequent interview.

Gentlemen on Leading Well in Business & in Life.

“My wife and I agree on two things, to love each other permanently and passionately, we disagree on pretty much everything else.” Those hilarious, yet wise words came from Donald Cooper, CSP, HoF who, along with local business Derek Johannson shared some insight about men leading and succeeding in business and in life.


Recommit – when you think of that word what comes to mind?

What have you committed to but have let slide?
What have you committed to that you are not giving you’re all to?
What have you commit to that is not flourishing they way you would like it too?
What do you need to recommit to?

Decisions, decisions!

Kristin Arnold, author of Boring to Bravo and Extraordinary Teams joined us today to share some wisdom on Decision Making. Her 4 step process includes Address the issue, Analyzing the problem or opportunity, Answering in a grand and non-judgemental way and Action – creating a plan and following up on your decisions.

You Hold Such Promise

What is the most important thing that someone has ever said to you?

For Janie Jasin, motivational speaker and personal developement author of multi-million copy seller, The Littlest Christmas Tree, it could very well be those words – “You hold such promise.”


We are driven by our need to realize our full potential, to make a difference and to constantly learn and evolve.