When inspiring others is not only your passion but your livelihood, you must be constantly looking for ways to keep yourself inspired!

In 2012, prompted by a stroll in the woods and a special tree that caught her eye, Stephanie had an idea. Check out this photo? Do you see the heart?

When Steph saw it, she stopped in her tracks. As she admired the heart-shaped hole in the tree, she thought to herself that it was like a sign that there is love everywhere. Then she thought, “I bet if I looked, I’d find signs of love everywhere, everyday.”

And that was it, the catalyst she needed to embarked on what would be a life-changing project. She christened it Love Everywhere.

Steph committed to doing something, sharing something or chronicling something everyday for the next 365 days that would show, share or spread love in the world in some way. She was certain this would help her stay consistently inspired.

It was a lofty goal and she honestly didn’t know if, or how, she would accomplish it, but like all big goals – you don’t have to know how you are going to finish, you just have to know how you are going to start.

And start she did! The project that was started to inspire one person has had ripples of positive effects for people from across the globe.

When she got to the end of the 365 days, Steph simply couldn’t stop, so strong was the pull, the love and the learnings. She now shares some of the key insights, stories and inspiration gained from the Love Everywhere project with audiences far and wide.

You can follow the continuing adventures of the Love Everywhere project on Facebook. And remember to share your story of how you push Love out into the world with her!