Your Life, Unlimited Guided E-Journal

Start reaping the positive benefits of journaling today!

The Your Life, Unlimited Guided Journal is for people who have the desire to journal but are not sure where to start or what to write. Chalk full of thought-provoking questions and complimented with inspiring quotes, you will find journal writing a breeze! Enjoy getting to know yourself a little bit better and watch your life grow forward!

Oh yeah, and the best part – there is no charge!

Download your free copy of your E Book. (400 kb)



Life Support for Nurses iPhone App

When you are stressed, tired, fed up or overwhelmed; when you just don’t think anyone understands how you are feeling; when you do not feeling like taking care yourself, let alone anyone else, pick up the Life Support for Nurses app.

When someone is driving you crazy; when you want to quit; when you wonder if this is what you signed up for and why you signed up for it in the first place; tap into this mind-reading little accessory that will seamlessly help you feel re-freshed, re-engaged and re-energized.

Randomly, it will give you a positive and pro-active shot of inspiration, a thought-provoking question or quote, an idea or insight, a suggestion to improve patient care, a relationship or your mood. It may be just what you need, when you need it to help make your day a little brighter and your spirit a bit lighter.

Our hope is that this little boost of energy that will help you get through a tough moment and propel you into an upbeat frame of mind.

Ponder the messages on your own or share them with a colleague, use them to get in the groove at report time.

Start where you are, work with what you have and be open to what pops into your mind – that will be the key that opens the door to a better life and livelihood and a healthier and happier you!