Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot!

I  made myself laugh in this video – watch right until the end!

What a year in healthcare! Did you know that back in the day, I burnt out in healthcare and that was even before ”you know what!’ Where was the training in resiliency then?


Last year was “The Year of the Nurse” but was it really? Well, let’s just all agree nurses deserve a redo. And while I’m not on the frontlines anymore I’ve been trying in my own little ways during the past year to help those that are but now it’s time to do something bigger and better than ever before!


Welcome to the Nurses Week Resiliency ReBootthe one-stop-LIVE-but-virtual-we-do-everything-for-you-conference-in-a-box! We created this crazy, amazing experience for nurses and allied staff to celebrate and gain strength together!

Now it’s your turn…

1. Text, message or call up a nurse TODAY and say “thank you, thank you,

thank you…i.e., don’t wait until nurses week to show appreciation!

2. Forward this to anyone who is responsible for

nurses week to say, “Hey, we should do this here”.

3. If you’re a nurse leader, contact us through the link about doing

something really special for your team or the whole organization.

I’m super proud to be partnering with the dream team below, you are going to be wowed – check out the link for more information about the 2021 Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot!

Pass this link on to someone who cares about nurses!

I look forward to your thoughts!

Ever grateful, Steph 🤗


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