Personal Growth – Easy Reasons to Be Delighted

If you look, it will be there!  In 2011 I decided I would focus on the word delight and committed to writing down something that delighted me every day.

It has been easier than I thought and a great exercise in personal growth, too!  With 2 months in my back pocket, I look forward to what else will delight me as the year progresses!


  1. Today I delighted in skating fast with the cool breeze in my face!
  2. Coming home to a clean house!
  3. Exercise class, tea and chatting with a brilliant friend.
  4. Watching my youngest find her perfect grad dress
  5. Finding my missing iPod!!
  6. A squeaky clean car (and trunk) thanks to my son!
  7. Staying in my PJ’s until 4 p.m.
  8. Sharing a belly laugh with my Mom
  9. Buying myself flowers – ½ price!
  10. Meeting some new peeps and a networking/fundraising event
  11. Double date night with my honey and our son and his honey
  12. Great participation from the New Nursing Grads at their conference
  13. Skating solo down the river trail, wind in my hair, sun on my face, families all around having fun
  14. Making burger cookies for my kids for Valentines Day (haven’t done that in 10 years!)
  15. Learning to take a screen shot on the computer – crnl & prtscr – very cool!
  16. Meeting my friend and her Mom for hot chocolate and ice cream – interesting combination of hot and cold!
  17. Throwing snowballs for my golden to catch in his mouth
  18. Thinking and laughs with our Idea Club.
  19. Mother-Daughter camp year 5!
  20. Making a snow angel
  21. 3 games of ringette in one day- whew!
  22. A hatrick – ye-haw!
  23. Second class of beginner meditation
  24. Learning to snowboard
  25. Date night with hubby
  26. Sun roof open on a winter day
  27. First time Skijoring with my dog
  28. Winning in overtime playoff game for Gina!
  1. The last day of an amazing mother-daughter holiday in Oman
  2. On time flights, smooth journey & no motion sickness!
  3. Seeing Randy ‘s smiling face to welcome me home
  4. Making a dent in mail and messages
  5. Getting back to a ‘regular’ work schedule
  6. The joy of a nap!
  7. Watching a movie and having nachos with my son and his girlfriend
  8. A beautiful crescent moon hanging in the sky
  9. A big turkey dinner with family (for no reason)
  10. Have Mom for dinner and sharing laughs
  11. Hot  chocolate rimmed with brown sugar and cinnamon
  12. Watching my dog ‘smile’
  13. Sharing Chinese with the extended family
  14. Inviting complete strangers to dine with us.
  15. Learning new things about ourselves and money at the MMI with Aaron
  16. Succeeding at breaking through an arrow (and my fear) with my throat!
  17. A nice 5 minute full body stretch
  18. Playing ringette with my ‘Ratz!’
  19. Fresh orange juice squeezed with love by my 85 year old Mom
  20. A long, hearty belly laugh, complete with sore cheeks
  21.  Hosting friends for a fun murder mystery night, complete  with costumes!
  22. A lovely and lazy Saturday
  23. A double date with hubby and long time friends
  24. 2 productive  meetings
  25. Eating my way through the French Quarter in New Orleans; PRALINES, BEIGNETS, MUFFLATA
  26. Exploring New Orleans
  27. Experiencing awesome speakers
  28. Presenting for an exceptional and engaging group
  29. My own bed
  30. A surprise dinner visit from my mother-in-law
  31. A hard 6 am workout, I feel strong

Try choosing a great word to focus on today, this week, this month or for the rest of the year. You will see more  of what you are looking for!


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