Permission Granted!

Permission Granted

 Permission Granted

It’s funny sometimes how you already know things but when a stranger says them out loud it suddenly sinks in.

It’s funny how your parents, your partner, your kids can tell you something over and over, but when an unbiased third party says the same thing, it feels more valid.

It’s funny how an answer can be right in front of you, highlighted in yellow, in bold print but it looks like hieroglyphics and you just can’t decipher it.

It’s funny how we think we need permission from someone in a leadership position or a trusted friend and sometimes gets permission from a total stranger and it just lands exactly where we need it to land.

Sometimes, on a good day, people tell me I am that person. The person who gives them permission, who makes it OK. I get to be that person that says something so obvious it might just clunk you upside the head and make you pay attention.

 So today I give you a gift.

 I, Stephanie Staples, by the power vested in me (by no one in particular) give you permission to:

  • Go pee
  • Shut the door
  • Take a break
  • Have a closed-door policy once in a while
  • Make no apologies
  • Cry
  • Sing
  • Be wrong
  • Ask for what you need/want
  • Leave the party/conversation/table
  • Admit defeat
  • Say no
  • Say yes
  • Be cranky
  • Brag
  • Make a mistake
  • Have desires
  • Share this e-news
  • Not attend something
  • Take a break
  • Actually enjoy your holidays
  • Fill in the blank __________________

Furthermore, I hereby grant you permission to give yourself permission whenever you so desire with no further clauses, signatures or fancy legal terms required.  No expiration date, either.

 You’re welcome. 😉

 Giving yourself permission, it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!


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