2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

From Plastic Surgeons to Police Sergeants, from Nanaimo to Nashville, from fancy-schmancy corporate events like IBM in Las Vegas to quaint old movie theatre events in small-town North Dakota – I was blessed with another great year of sharing my message from the stage in all its various forms. We’ve … Continue reading 2018 Year in Review

Time to be Rude?

I had an encounter with a rude customer service agent the other day. When I asked her for help, she literally leaned in towards me, pointed her finger at me and said in the most condescending voice, “I’ll deal with you later.” Gulp.  I am a sensitive person and it … Continue reading Time to be Rude?

Three Point Communication

Master Three-Point Communication Have you ever had to deliver negative feedback and found it extra difficult because the person in question didn’t take it so well, maybe they took it  little to personally. We have been well trained to communicate using the benefits of eye to eye contact (or two … Continue reading Three Point Communication


From corrections officers to childcare educators, neuro-science nurses to long haul truckers Steph’s message resonate’s with everyone who fogs a mirror. 2020’s were mostly from remote/virtual programs (thanks COVID) but they are  here! Are you on LinkedIn? If so, you can find more testimonials on my profile, feel free to … Continue reading Testimonials

Obstacles Schmobastcles

Mike Malyk, has lost over 100 lbs and just finished his first Boston Marathon. Tracy Garbutt is blind but didn’t let that obstacle come in between him and his life-long dream. Joe Tasse has had 2 hip replacements – just a minor obstacle to completing the Triple By-Pass Road Race … Continue reading Obstacles Schmobastcles

Calming the Waters at Work

Ghislaine LaBelle, Organizational Psychologist and author of Calming the Waters at Work was my guest this week on Corus Entertainments’s Your Life, Unlimited – you can listen to our whole podcast here:   Your Life, Unlimited with Stephanie Staples & Ghislaine LaBelle Enjoy her guest post below… The top 5 winning … Continue reading Calming the Waters at Work

Find Your Funny

When you want to be more of something, go to the pros – that’s what I did when I wanted to add a little more ‘funny’ to my everyday life and work.  Dan Licoppe is the author of the recently published book, Unleash your Inner Comedian. Dan insists that we have all … Continue reading Find Your Funny