Motivational Mondays Review

April 22, 2013 keep our record of 4 out of 4 sold-out MoMondays in Winnipeg. It was another brilliant event that  left us inspired, enlightened and attuned to what really matters.

Some of the things we do differently at MoMondays in Winnipeg is that:

  1. We always have musical entertainment prior to the speakers – we love promoting our fabulous local talent!
  2. We have also recently added an interview component to the the events, I (your MoMonday host and producer) conduct a brief interview after each of the 10ish minute talks and offer the audience a chance to get their questions answered as well. We are really enjoying this interactive component as it adds another dimension to the event.
  3. We always do some sort of audience group engagement activity. There are  the nicest people at MoMondays, but if you are always sitting beside and talking to the people you came with, you won’t get to meet them. So, I help you meet them!  MoMondays is a great place to come alone, because you won’t be alone long!

Here are some highlights of our April event:

  • An eclectic variety of music by singer/songwriter Derrick McCandless and a spontaneous dance in front of the stage by audience member Sandy!
  • A heart-felt plee from Camille Meub to not let your inner voice hold you back from tapping into your greatness.
  • A hilarious recount of Laurie Barkman’s years as a ‘well-dressed’ waitress – and what we can do to please the ‘customers’ in our life.
  • Chiropractor Kristen Mitteness (Twitter @DrKMitt) shared her secrets for healthy living with energy and style and with a little prodding, even showed us her six-pack!
  • Actor Jeff Skinner, had us get into actor-mode with some uncomfortable stillness and shared with us why it is important to get comfortable with the uncomfortable quiet.
  • Manitoba businessm and and Philanthropist of the Year (2012), Mark Evans – took us on an emotional journey of going through 3 life threatening illnesses in a very short period of time. He reminded us all of what really matters and how we can be of service to those in our life that are undergoing health challenges.
  • The entire audience was literally on stage two by two at this event, creatively showing how they can have fun, be spontaneous and turn something that they thought was difficult into something really cool!
Sam’s Place always provides us with a fabulous, warm venue and yummy food to round out the evening.
Ervin Bartha  was our videographer and he is able to transform your old VHS’s into digital files – so if you’ve been meaning to get that done – he’s your guy.
Kalya Pottinger is our resident photographer and if you have any special events you would like photos for you can contact her at: [email protected]
A big thanks to everyone who made this another special night in Winnipeg.
Tickets for  our next event on June 24th or on sale now at:
Best,  Steph  🙂
Stephanie Staples is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success and an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. She empowers audiences & clients across North America to bring their ‘A’ game to work and to life. Stephanie has a special interest in working with and empowering nurses and healthcare providers. She happily calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home.  You can get loads of complimentary resources to help with issues such as work/life balance, wellness, stress management and happiness in general, as well as find out more information about her coaching and speaking services at

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