Mother’s Day Special – One for You and One for Her!

Happy Mother’s (or Mother-like) Day!

In honor of all the special women that make our world a better place, I am happy to offer you a very special price on my latest book!

When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success  –  is a book that matters. Prepare to laugh, cry, and learn together!  It will be a great source of discussion for you both!

Regular price $20, up until Mother’s Day 2012,  two books for price of one.

Check out some reviews …

“When Enlightening Strikes is a captivating book about how to turn everyday experiences into powerful life lessons. It will catapult you forward to creating your true self.” Kathy B. Dempsey, author of Shed or You’re Dead®: 31 unConventional Strategies for Growth & Change

“I love this book! Stephanie has opened up her heart and poured it on paper and you can’t help but be enlightened after reading her delightful stories. You will learn that you can be and do more than you ever thought possible. More than inspiration, it’s a “how to” book. Stephanie shows you how to put thoughts into action and live a happier life.”  Lea Brovedani, author of Broke and Busted to Rich and Trusted

“Stephanie is a woman who doesn’t just walk her talk, but invites us to take her hand and join her on the journey. Her candid story is sprinkled with humor, teachable moments and personal revelations, making her book an entertaining read that is truly enlightening.”  Debbie Pokornik, author of Break Free of Parenting Pressures, Embrace Your Natural Guidance

I hope this helps make Mother’s Day more special for you and the one you love! I look forward to both of your reviews!


Steph 🙂



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