Mom’s Are Smart

It’s Stephanie Staples with one quick tip to help you keep emotionally well.

When I was a little girl, I remember saying to my mom when I heard an ambulance go by, ‘I don’t like hearing that sound. It doesn’t make me feel good.’

My wise mom said, ‘Oh, that’s okay. When you hear an ambulance, it just means that somebody is getting help.’

I thought that was so nice, it made me feel good and my thoughts and feeling changed instantly. From then on, for my whole life, whenever I heard an ambulance, I would think, ‘Thank you, somebody is getting help.’

A while ago, my mom (who is 94) heard an ambulance go by and she said, ‘I don’t like that sound, it frightens me.’ And I said, ‘Well mom, it just means that somebody is getting help.’

My mom said, ‘Oh, that’s so nice, where did you hear that? I’m gonna use that from now on.’

‘Mom, it was you. You told me that when I was a little girl.’

‘Oh, I was pretty smart, wasn’t I!’

So here’s the thing, you are a role model especially in turbulent times. Whether you know it or not, whether you want to be or not, people are watching you. They’re watching to see what you’re doing. They’re watching to see how you handle things.

They’re watching to see what you do for self-care. They want you to go first. They need you to go first, to step up, to raise the bar, to show them what being a leader is like.

I found out one of my healthcare directors of nursing was sending out emails at two o’clock in the morning to her staff. And even though she wanted her staff to be really, really well, her staff noticed that she was sending out these emails at two in the morning and then they thought they had to work more and they had to work harder.

So you know that you are a role model. People are watching you. The bar is high. You be emotionally well, you go first. You show them what it looks like. You show them so that they can do it too.


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