• A down to earth, genuine speaker with fresh ideas
  • More than a presenter, you want a messenger
  • Timely and relevant content conveyed by an expert storyteller
  • To evoke emotion in an atmosphere of learning & positive energy
  • An atmosphere that engages, reconnects and re-inspires your group
  • Someone who walks their talk
  • Content infused with humour and audience interaction
  • To have a fun day as well as an informative day
  • Participants to have ideas that will affect their lives and their professions that very day
  • Someone who abides by the CAPS* philosophy & code of ethics
  • Your audience to thank you for bringing her in!

“Stephanie is amazing! From a presentation standpoint, she absolutely rocks and takes extra time to customize the message and know her audience. From a business standpoint, she is a pleasure to work with! Flexible, fun, and sensible. No “high-maintenance radar” went off the entire time.”

Sheila Molloy
Executive Director
Mb. Massage Therapy Association

When all is said and done, your group will feel more:


then, anything is possible!

* Stephanie Staples subscribes to the National Speakers Association members Professional Pledge:

I pledge myself to honesty and integrity; to pursue the profession and education to the end that service to my clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.

I pledge myself to seek and maintain an equitable, honourable and cooperative association with fellow members of the Association and with all others who may become part of my business and professional life.

I pledge myself to comply with the standards of the National Speakers Association as set forth in its Bylaws and Code of Ethics.


“She gave a totally insightful talk, totally personalized to our audience. We were riveted by her stories and loved the tribute she wrote for us. She was right on the money and left us feeling totally energized.”

TJ Johnson
Program Manager
Conferences at International Legal Technology Association
“Stephanie’s message is what everyone needs to hear!”

Lindsey Mazur