Make Your Cells Happy – Chew and breath at the same time?

Seriously, chew and breath?

That’s just one tip from author Deanna Hansen, founder of Fluid Isometrics. Deanna is passionate about her mission to improve the health of every body – one cell at a time. She has a 90 day program that could turn out to be a game-changer for you – visit to find out more information!

To get you started, she has 5 quick tips for us to try…


Make Your Cells Happy


1 – The quality of your thoughts affect the health of your cells.  Keep positive thoughts and your cells will be happy and efficient.


2 – Live in the exhalation – if you choose to make the exhalation phase of your breath longer than the inhalation, you will increase the oxygen intake in your body and your cells will be relaxed, calm and happy.


3 – Chew your food fully – if you chew your food for three full exhalations before swallowing, the nutrients will be digested more easily resulting in nourished, happy cells.


4 – Before and after eating a meal, take 3 minutes to focus on exhaling every breath fully. This will give the stomach an internal massage resulting in better digestion, leaving cells calm and nourished.


5 – Laugh every chance you get – The action of laughter works the diaphragm muscle, the muscle designed for breathing. This is the most important muscle to strengthen as breathing from the belly feeds the body 600% more oxygen than breathing from the muscles in the upper chest.


One last tip – Pressure overrides pain. There is nothing that will make your cells happier than hugs from those that you love. So remember, if you make your cells happy, you make your self happy!  Breathe and Believe…

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