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Emotional Wellness in Turbulent Times

Want to be a fly on the wall? You can listen in for free to this 40 minute program (below) where I will take you through a three step process to help you navigate your emotions and leave you with tools to use immediately to feel more hopeful, more in control and more empowered.

You can be a role model for resiliency, psychosocial wellness and positive emotions and it’s critical for our community that we do everything we can to keep ourselves not just physically well but emotionally well.

I’ve been delivering this program for the last month (virtually, of course) to groups across the country, with so much positive feedback that (thanks to Farm Credit Canada) this audio available to you at no charge. You (and your family/colleagues) will benefit from the ideas, tips, tools shared and I feel confident you will walk away feeling better than when you walked towards.

Of course, if you would like a live session for your organization, association or group, just click reply and we will make that happen.

Meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with being calm, kind and careful!

Hanging in together, Steph 🙂


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