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I can’t count the number of flights I have been on in the last year. I pretty much get on a plane to go to work. The glamour of being a professional speaker is balanced with the exhaustion, loneliness and tedium that comes with business travel.

Once in awhile, someone crosses your path that makes you look up. Pay attention. Smile. Laugh even.

And so it was with Bruno this week. The Westjet flight attendant who was doing the safety demo. The safety demo that even those obedient Type A’s typically tune out of. Bruno brought us back to life.

Lip syncing to the female voice en francois, he milked that safety demo for all it’s worth. He put his body and soul into it. Little by little people started laughing and more and more people started looking up from their books and devices. When he was done with his ‘show’ – and really that’s what it was (I cannot adequately describe his demo, just trust me when I say it was epic), the passengers erupted in applause and he did a lovely curtsy in appreciation.

“Gotta have fun at work.” he said to me as he walked by.


What’s going on at your work? Is it fun? Well that part of Bruno’s job was not fun. He made it fun. He was purposeful, deliberate and intentional about creating a fun environment for himself and therefore others as well.

If you are already having fun, smiling and laughing enough at work, you can stop reading now. Good for you! If you are not, you may want to ask yourself what part of your job (or home-life) you could Bruno-ize.

Where can you create fun? Add positively? Add surprise? Delight someone? Organize a little opportunity for connection?

Be the one who lights up the plane – or the room.

We spend a lot of hours at our jobs, if we have to be there anyway, why not make it a little more of a happy place to be?

The alternate is to stagnate. To fall into the doldrums. To let negativity win. To be part of the problem rather than the solution.

Live Your Life, Unlimited. The other options suck!

Imagine the courage it took for women, especially decades ago, to enter a career in Law Enforcement. A tough, male dominated world at a time at the best of times, years ago it certainly was not a trendy thing to do. Enter Sherry Benson and Angela Epp, women with what I like to call Brass Ovaries!

Sherry, a former RCMP constable and Angela, a current Winnipeg Police Service Sargeant, share their stories with me on this week’s Your Life, Unlimited radio show and I bow to them both for their courage and tenacity.

We talk resilience, self-care and even -gasp- menopause!

Listen in, even if (especially if) you are an ‘innocent bystander’ to menopause!

Some of the trusted web sites that Angela mentions:


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  1. Thank you, Angela and I’m so glad I was able to help you understand menopause more. You’re doing a sterling job in raising awareness! I love your description of menopause being a ‘biological certainty, not a choice’.

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