Lighten up & Love Life Laughing

If I get an idea or two that I can use from any book I read or session I attend – then I am thrilled and excited!  This week on our Your Life, Unlimited radio broadcast I was fortunate to interview author Billy Strean, PhD.

His book entitled, The HoHo DoJo – Lighten  up & Love Life Laughing, was a light, easy to read book that I digested in one day.  It left me with some food for thought and action items I have already applied.

In the spirit of sharing here are some of my take-aways:

-Get some kindness tokens to give out randomly when someone does something nice for you. (I ordered these last night – $5 for    144! – while I was there I managed to get my order up to $86!)

-Figure out how many days you have been with someone special and acknowledge it with words or a sticky note or an email or text.  (8,260 married days for Randy and I – according to – thanks to google and credit to me for figuring this one of to figure this one out!)

-Have an contest with whoever you are out with to see who can make the most people smile (bonus points for making them laugh)

-Make a humor 1st Aid Kit – clown nose, stickers, bubbles, balloons – what else??

– Visit Billy’s website for a free download of another great idea!

Thanks Billy for the actionable ideas!

Steph  🙂


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