It’s not your fault you’ve been lied to. deb and ryan dec 19

Dr. Ryan Greschuk author of, It’s Not Your Fault You’ve been Lied To shares some insights on today’s podcast. Dr.Ryan believes that your body has within it everything it needs to be healthy and encourages us to not accept the myth that aging equals being unwell.

Three positive steps to healthy living…

1) Start HITT training

2) Buy organic, at least for the Dirty Dozen

3) Get more micronutrients in your diets – Dr. Ryan says these are like the nuts and screws that hold your house together.

Deb Dawson-Dunn, personal leadership coach, and I talked about the effects of winter on us and the Way of the Happy Woman.

Please enjoy Deb’s guest blog post below as well as our entire Your Life, Unlimited broadcast.

Expanding Your Energy!

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – Gandhi

Practice noticing how your body feels when ever you are asked to do something this month.

I just realized one of my dreams! A few weeks ago I finally made it to the Grand Canyon. For most of my life I have wanted to visit this natural wonder and as I walked out of the trees and stood on the rim of the canyon for the first time, I cried. There were no words that could adequately describe the majesty of that view so rather than try to express myself with words, I shifted into the feeling of the moment. Oh, what a feeling! My body relaxed, my breathing slowed down, the weariness and tension of life began to fade away making room for joy and lightness to flow in. I arrived at the Grand Canyon feeling drained and tired and even though we walked for several miles that day, I left feeling rejuvenated and replenished. I felt expansive!

What expands your energy? What rejuvenates you and fills you up so that even when you are physically tired, you feel like you could go on forever? Do you pay attention to what gives you energy and to what drains your energy? The best way that I know of to answer these questions is to become present with your body. Most of us (me included) spend our time in our heads – thinking, analyzing, problem solving, etc., and while all of these activities have value, they don’t give you the complete picture. By feeling your body’s response to requests, people, situations, etc., you will get a more complete picture of what expands you and what drains you.

What drains your energy? Toxic people, health issues, clutter, the inability to say “no”, inefficient work space, obligations, the weather, complainers or bad habits are just a few examples of what can drain you. How can you tell what drains you? Check in with your body. Feeling tense, irritated, contracted, clenched, queasy or tired are a few of the feelings you might experience when something or someone drains your energy.

What might expand your energy? Rest, beauty, good food, inspiring conversations, connecting with a good friend, gorgeous music or a relationship with the Divine are a few ideas to get you started. How will you know if something or someone energizes you? Check in with your body. Smiles, a giggle, a deep, deep breath, a release of tension, lightness, or joy are a few of the indicators that more energy is coming your way.

Paying attention to and managing your energy is the most effective way to create balance, meaning and joy in your life. Once you make it a priority to expand your energy every day you will feel like you can go on forever – just like the Grand Canyon!

Re:Think – What if you are doing activities that you think you like but when you check in with your body, you realize that those activities are actually draining your energy…

Re:Source – One of the ways to help you get connected with your body is to have a consistent practice. To help you with that connection you can use guided meditation to get you into the habit of listening to your body.


Enjoy the whole show here…



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