Justin Bieber a Life Coach?? 2 Tips that Matter

Whether you love the little guy or not, you have to admit he must be doing something right after skyrocketing to fame faster than a speeding bullet in 2009.

Recently young Mr. Beiber has been named  one of the year’s highest achievers under the age of 30 by Forbes magazine, which names those most likely to influence the world in the immediate future and tomorrow’s brightest stars.

While it is unlikely that we mere mortals are apt to attain such high praise from Forbes, we can probably admit to having a little room and ability for growth and improvement.   I don`t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind achieving a little bit higher in the coming year, making some goals come to fruition and feeling more successful  physically, emotionally etc.  Perhaps if Justin were a life coach, he would have some good advice for us and in that spirit, I shall speculate what a couple of his ideas may be.

1)      Connect with great people.  From first being discovered by  Scooter Braun and hooking up with Usher, Justin was fortunate enough to get well-connected. Further partnering with Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey and  Rascal Flats  to drop a few names, indicates the this guy gets that 1+1=3 and things are indeed better together.

In your world, take a peek at the people you spend the most time with. Are they fuelling you or are they draining you. Can you tell them your big dreams and count on their support or are you reluctant to share good news with them. Are your conversations rich and deep or are they shallow and petty, do you talk about people or ideas?  If those people you spend the most time with are not the ones you want to be like, consider expanding your social circle by inviting some new folks into your fold and reducing the amount of time you spend with the people that drain you.

2)      Lean into your passion and nature abilities.  While he may have charisma and charm, if Justin were trying to be a hockey star, it likely wouldn’t work no matter how likeable he was.  From his early years, Justin was a showman, a musician – it is as if he couldn’t not be one, like it had to come out of him somehow.

We all have talent and natural ability that is oozing from our pores, sometimes we just need to work harder at discovering it. Sometimes we have been so busy looking after everyone else we forget what we were good at or what we loved. Think about what jazzes you up, what you are doing when time goes super-fast, what comes easily and effortlessly to you. What section of the newspaper do you read first, what part of the bookstore do you go to first – those are where your interest are hiding.  Lean into your strengths, to what excites and thrills you, to what you are good at – that is where the secret to your success and happiness lies.

Opportunities are everywhere , let’s make this year a rockin,’awesome,off- the-charts, slam-dunk, high-fiving year. And instead of judging people who are ‘high achievers’ at any age, let’s figure out what we can learn from them and move forward from there!

To your success!

Steph  🙂


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