It’s not difficult, it’s just different!

This week on Your Life, Unlimited I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Linda Joy Rose – whose passion and expertise is Raw Fusion living. She is the author of a book by the same title and natural wellness is her thing.

As a self-confessed junk food addict (and not at all proud of it), Dr. Rose had her hands full with me!  She certainly had our attention after sharing the startling statistic that eating fast-food twice a week increases your chances of diabetes by 30% – yikers!

She quoted anthropologist Margaret Mead who said, “It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” I concur!

The goal, as Dr. Rose stated, it not necessarily to change everything but to change little things slowly to create better health. For example, it would be easy to chop up fresh herbs, kale or spinach in the food processor and add them to the commercial spreads and dips you buy. After that – who knows what!

You can listen to the whole show from September 7, 2012 entitled It’s not difficult, it’s just different. here…

As well, check out her videos on where she shows easy, healthy prep ideas and her facebook page for daily recipes (and they do look good!).  Enjoy.








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