How to Measure Success

“Is it bad to look at how successful you are by how much money you have in the bank?” asked a recent audience member.

Wow, that’s a loaded question and one worthy of an answer.

Success, whatever that is to you, usually encompasses more than just financial elements. Granted, money affords you many opportunities and it is the primary way our society measures success, but, my friends, we all know of people who are rich with money and poor in many other ways.

Success means different thing to different people!

Before you strive to measure success, consider answering the following question:

I will know I am successful when…

Here are some possible answers:

I have a feeling of inner peace most of the time
I live comfortably with my wants and needs met
I have family that I am close to and friends whose company I enjoy
I am healthy and happy
I can share easily and effortlessly
My work satisfies me

Certainly use the money in your bank account to be one measure, but I invite you to weave your answer to the success question by considering all the other aspects of your life, like relationships, faith, health, personal growth, community development etc.

At the end of the day the person with the most toys is not necessarily the most ‘successful,’ so let your legacy be one that lasts beyond the bank account.

Well, that’s just one coaches opinion!

Carry on living, Your Life, Unlimited!


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