How to be a Class Act.

While doing some renovations for a clearly affluent family, the plumber in politely asks the ‘lady of the house’ if he may use the washroom (rather ironic – he is the plumber, after all!).
She says, “No, there is a gas station on the corner.”
Are you serious? You have got to be kidding me?
How about this one …
My unassuming brother was (unwillingly!) at a fancy function. As he was meeting all these ‘high brow’ people, someone asked him what he did for a living. He said he was a gardener. The man stared blankly at him for a moment and then said, “Ohhh, you mean like a landscape designer?”
“No,” said Paul, “like a gardener.” For emphasis he pretended he had a rack in his hand and made the motion of raking. Funny guy!
While these same situations probably have not happened to you, they are a great examples to reflect on. Society tends to ‘class’ us and we tend to ‘class’ ourselves – even subconsciously. Have you ever thought differently about a person after you found out what they did for a living?
Ohhh, you’re a doctor!
Ohhh, you’re a janitor.
Have you ever treated anyone differently? I am just asking. I suggest we all have now and again. It seems to me when people (as above) try to make others look bad, the only ones they make look bad is themselves. What do you think?

So if you’re the doctor, the nurse or the aide – acknowledge what you have to give and what they have to give.

If you’re the principle, the teacher, the instructional assistant – know that what you do matters and what they do matters.

If you’re the professor or the admin. – treat each other with the respect that all humans deserve.

Whatever you do to make your living, I hope you love it. I hope you feel you are making a difference. But I also hope you don’t let it define you. One day you might not being doing your vocation any more – and then who will you be?

Hopefully the same thoughtful, kind, interesting person you are now.


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