How can I be better to myself? 6 Tips to help put you back on your own to-do list.

Today I pulled this question from the ‘mailbag.’  This is a real nurse asking a real question and I have a feeling the person who asked it isn’t the only one with this issue!

Here are 6 tips to help put you back on your own to-do list …

Permission – it’s time to give yourself persmission to be better to yourself.  You deserve it.  You know everyone else will suffer if you don’t.  You know everyone else will be better off it you do.  Give yourself permission.  It’s OK!

Reason or excuses – think of (or better yet) write down all the reasons you are not taking better care of yourself.  Now beside each point write whether it’s a reason or an excuse.  We all have good reasons not to take better care of ourselves – but if you are honest, most of them are just excuses.

Watch your Words – I’m an idiot, I’m so forgetful, I’m … – nix the negative self-talk.  Saying things like that is not serving you well.

Size Matters – Sometimes we think we need lots of time, energy or money to take better care of ourselves, but the truth is we can do small things frequently that will fuel us.  Lucsiously rubbing nice lotion on our hands or feet, savoring a sweet-smelling hot cup of cocoa with cinnamon and brown sugar on the rim or spending 5 minutes in a candlelit room will help recharge your batteries.  Create your own list of ‘refuelers.’

Stick to the Plan, Man! –  mark that calender, block time off in that PDA, commit to yourself like you have made an appointment with your best friend and honor  that commitment

Make the Decision – and do something, regularly and consistently.

It really can be that easy.

This is me and my dog Cosmo learning to skijor.  We are both taking care of ourselves!

What  tips would you give to our nurse friend? Please share them!


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