Healthcare Service Excellence Conference – Event Page

Isn’t this the BEST conference EVER!!

We are sooo glad you are here and look forward to being able to help you bring your staff, colleagues and hospital to a new level of success. We are all here to answer your questions and assist in anyway we can.

As part of showing you some new ways to engage your colleagues, I offer you this event page – perhaps you might tweak some ideas here and discover new ways to interact and surprise your peeps!

Here are some resources to continue to help you on your journey to master The Engagement Factor!

First up is a Giveaway Contest for HSCEC attendees only! Maybe  you could do this for your staff now and then?

Second point of engagement; a complimentary app for better living!


Download the Life Support for Nurses iPhone app FREE now!(Suitable for anyone in healthcare)

Numero three – Here is an article on how to shift your mood in a hurry!

And last but not least, if you want to take some inspiration home with you, I would be happy to sign a copy of my book, just for you! Or if you are an e-reader, you can get the e-book here:


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