Got Stress? Get Solutions!

With over 80% of all illnesses attributed to stress to some degree, it’s really amazing more time, energy and research money isn’t being put into this topic.

When I interviewed Aila Accad (the author of ’34 Instant Stress Busters- Quick tips to de-stress fast with no extra time or money’) for the radio show, she was full to the brim and overflowing with ideas to help us bust our stress.

Before I tell you about her expertise, let me tell you one cool thing that I learned about this West Virginia nurse- she changed her name at 50.  Both names!  She completely renamed herself – wow, how cool is that?  She feft her name didn’t suit  the person she had become so she went to Google and picked names she liked, based on their meaning.  Her new name means ‘light-bearing vessel’ which she is!

Back to the topic at hand… Stress.

One of the things she said that really resonated with me was that times when we feel stressed are times when we feel out of control. Yeah.  I had never really made that connection before, but I believe it’s true.  Times we are most stressed are times when we feel out of control.

When we are stressed, that is the bad, debilitating distress, our minds are ‘gone’-we are not thinking rationally- we want to fight or flight!

So the plan is to pre-plan what you will do when you feel that stress building.

Start your pre-planning here:

  1. Change your mindset that let’s the stress get the best of you – SET YOUR INTENTIONS TO GET OUT, not succumb!
  2. You can’t control what’s outside your body, so ask yourself, ‘What can I control?’ and move forward from there
  3. Use Aila’s book, or create your own list of de-stressers that work for you, and start trying them one by one until something works!

Here are some of examples of ways to start pointing your mind in the direction you want it to go (towards destressing):

  • smile – simple, cheap and effective – it releases endorphins and that makes you feel better! (your body doesn’t know if it’s a ‘real’ smile or not)
  • go out in nature – smell it, touch, saviour it
  • take deep breaths – breath in peace, calm, control; breath out fear, stress, tension

Got Stress?  Get determined to find answers – they are never far away.

Peace people.


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