Whether it’s holding the hand of someone who is giving blood for the first time, building Habitat homes or Steph’s head shave for sick kids (you can watch this very moving event here), giving back locally and globally is an integral part of the success of Your Life, Unlimited.

We are so pleased to be able to have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for various charities around the world through the work of Your Life, Unlimited!

Some of the charities that we have served include:

Children’s Hospital
Mood Disorder Association of Mb.
Brain Tumour Association of Canada

Future Hope
Knowles Centre
Down Syndrome Society

Parkinson’s Society
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
One Just City

Addiction Foundations of Mb.
Hull’s Haven Dog Rescue
The Blind Kid Foundation

Rotary Club International
Resource Assistance for Youth
Status 4

Manitoba Neurofibromatosis
Kidney Foundation of Canada
Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation

St. Mary’s of Michigan Hospital
Canadian National Institute of the Blind
Canadian Cancer Society

Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation
Soul Sisters
Project El Salvador

Cystic Fibrosis Society
Hospitals of Regina Foundation
Winnipeg Humane Society

More than Shoes
Reaching Equality Employment Services
Winnipeg Harvest

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Habitat for Humanity
Special Olympics


Would you like to see your favorite charity on the list? We’d love to help, contact us and we can talk about partnering together.

Every copy sold of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success, helps support a charitable cause. We have partnered with many organizations and are eager and open to finding even more ways to have the positive message in the book help good causes financially and otherwise. Contact us, if you have an idea you would like to explore.

In July 2009, my eldest daughter Kara, then 17, and I went on a life altering humanitarian trip to a tiny village called Loma Linda which is in a remote area of El Salvador.

Throughout our two weeks we saw and experienced things that made our hearts ache and our minds question. Though the journey was an emotional roller coaster, it was indeed a privilege to serve these joyful, but unbelievably poor people.

Upon our return, we knew we wanted to continue to support this village and especially the children, the future of the community. One of the needs we identified was that the teenagers often cannot attend high school because they can’t afford the 50 cents bus ride to and from the town where the school is, nor the necessary school supplies.

So …partnering with CRIPDES (Association for the Development of El Salvador) we have created a fund that will allow students to access the monies for this purpose specifically and then have them give back to their community in reciprocation. A win-win for all!

We have purchased lovely bracelets from El Salvador and when you hire Steph for an event, she will bring some with me and set them out for sale at the back of the room. It is a no- pressure, free-will offering, nothing is priced, take what you like – pay what you like and 100% of all monies raised go towards our BraceLETS Change fund – so we can continue to help one person at a time.

Thank you for your support of our work! If you would like more information about attending a Project El Salvador Mission or making a tax deductible donation please contact Dennis Kuzenko [email protected]