One Minute of Silent Sanity

It’s Stephanie Staples with one quick tip to help you keep emotionally well in turbulent times.

I think you’ll find this one a little bit of fun, all you need are your hands! I want you to rub them together quickly until they start warming up and then when they feel toasty,  stop and put the heels of your hands over your eyes. Take a big breath, then take some more.

Let the warmth of your hands and the darkness, sooth your eyes and your mind for just a moment. Now if someone should notice you and you’re like this what will probably happen is they will slowly back out of the are, which could be good! That in itself may help you keep emotionally well, lol. When you are done, you can teach it to them!

It only takes a minute, just a minute to do something quiet and positive for your mind. Keeping emotionally well in turbulent times. You go first.

Steph 🙂


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