Dropping Inspiration

It’s none of my business really, but sometimes I just can’t shut up.

I met her at a dental convention, she was a ‘scout’ – yes they have scouts for speakers – who knew?! Anyway she liked what she heard and saw and wants to hire me for her convention.


So what do I do when she sends me the good news? After cheerfully accepting, I comment on how she could make her emails ‘better’.

I write…

I’m sure you have much more important things on your mind, but in case you are bored one day in a waiting room or something…maybe you want to make your iPhone signature more personal or inspirational or more ‘you’, something instead of promoting iPhone?

Currently your sig looks like this…

Sent from
Her Name and Title
I know that I am taking a chance on losing a big job (payable in USD to boot), but I can’t help myself, my fingers just take over my brain and I press send.

My rationale – most of us are consciously or unconsciously looking for inspiration, motivation, ideas to be happier and healthier. With a simple change in your signature line – you may provide a tiny dose of that for people by putting a quote, a funny line, an emoji, a gif, even promoting what you do or believe in, instead of promoting with what your device wants you to promote.

Every time you see the line, you can get a little hit of inspiration or a smile and you may give the same to someone on the receiving end as well.

You can change it weekly, or monthly, seasonally or never, but that will still be better than ‘sent from my iPhone’ don’t you think?

Does this really matter? Is it going to change the world?

I suppose not but for me, it just takes a minute to do, it makes me feel good and I believe it is these tiny, inspirational acts done any and everywhere that help to make our days just a wee bit better.

Dropping inspiration, fun or personalization into your everyday life, it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!


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