Drop the Rock

So I’ve been a Lolli** for 18 months now and this is the first time I’ve shared (with permission from Mom) a picture of my incredible little Noah. I’d like a point for restraint, please!

When I saw this adorable picture, I thought about how many times in my life I’ve done this Foot in Mouth thing (figuratively, of course).

Have you embarrassed yourself, spoke first and thought about it after and then found yourself scrambling to find the rewind button?


Well, whatever you’ve done, I bet I can out-embarrass you. I’ve literally written books about it!

Nonetheless, no one ever died from embarrassment. We all survived and if we were lucky maybe we even learnt something. Either way, the world kept on spinning.

When you put yourself out there, step out of the same old, talk to strangers, leave safety, and predicable situations sometimes crap is gonna happen.

Foot in Mouth, sometimes it can be preventable by pausing before you speak, counting to 3 before you respond or just being silent. Sometimes it’s gonna happen anyway!

In that case, my suggestions from decades of experience in screwing up:

-Be gentle with yourself. We all do it. Forgive yourself. Hopefully, it was worse for you than it was for them.

-Patch up the situation as best as you can (i.e. an apology, a gesture, a token, showing remorse)

-Remove foot,  learn from it (figure out what you would do next time in that situation) and Drop the Rock (ie let it go).

-Remember these moments when someone does this to you, let them off the hook gently, easier and maybe even with a laugh.

Dropping the Rock, it’s just one more way to live, Your Life, Unlimited!

Feel free to share your Foot in Mouth with me, I won’t tell!  Steph 😉


**The Hub wanted to be called Pops, so I set out to find a good g’ma name that went with Pops and after considering Tootsie & Pops, settled on Lolli!  Lolli & Pops are coming soon Noah!


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