Dream Big, Act Big – 2011 is half over, how’s it going for you?

Borderline insane and totally inspirational, in my humble opinion.

I have read a lot  of inspirational material, I have heard a lot of motivational speakers and I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe personal development but even I was wowed when I read about Croix Sather’s quest.

To run 100 marathons and present 100 speeches in 100 days – in a row! He has run  across the US – from San Diego to New York, with the run scheduled to be completed today.

Now, I have done  1/2 marathons and as exciting as it was, it took the life out of me.  I present often, and as energizing as it is and as much as I love it, it too takes everything I have.  I simply cannot imagine doing both these things for 30 days in a row!


Now most of us mere morals would never even entertain the thought of an ‘adventure’  like Croix’s, but if we can take a page out of his book, perhaps there is something that we could do for 100 days?  Something that would be a stretch, but not be totally ‘crazy.’  Something that would make us feel proud and accomplished at the end of the 3 + months, but that would still be doable.

Having a mental block?  Stuck on what you could do for 100 days?  Here are some ideas to get your ball rolling:

–  do sit-ups first thing when you get out of bed in the morning
–  blog
– drink 8 cups of water
– write in a journal
– tell a joke
– try something new
– use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth
– stretch for 10 minutes
– walk a block a day
– phone someone just to say hi
– add floss and mouthwash to your dental regime
– put something in the giveaway box
– try a new recipe
– send a thank you card or email

You get the idea!  If we start with these small things, perhaps we will be able to dream big, act big, too!

Maybe the insane part of life is not doing something ‘crazy?’

To quote Croix, “My greatest fear is to be at the end of my life and replay my life’s movie only to see that I could have done more. To realize that if I only acted instead of letting fear stop me. If I only asked for help when I needed it instead of be ashamed that I couldn’t do it alone. If I only stopped accepting the good and insisted upon the great. This run is to challenge me and to challenge you to expect and only accept everything great this life has to offer. What can you do in 100 days?”

To find out more about his trek, visit his website at www.dreambigactbig.com  Thanks Croix for making us think!

Challenge me or let me know what you will do for 100 days!
Steph 🙂


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