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Welcome to spring – isn’t it delightful to see (and feel) the fresh, new life budding!  You gotta love it!

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Speaking of socializing …

Dance the Night Away

I went to learn how to better market my business, to promote my book and to reconnect with colleagues but my biggest take-away after spending $2000 and travelling across half the country was about opening the refrigerator door.

Allow me to explain.

The final night, the evening dedicated to awards and recognition, elegant in both attire and food, capped off with a dance.  I had always watched in admiration the few couples that twirled effortlessly around the dance floor – seemingly reading each other minds, their bodies gliding in perfect tandem with one another.

As I watched, one gentleman offered me his hand  – he must have noticed the wistful look in my eyes. “Pull on my hand like you are going to open the fridge.” he said. Not really understanding what he was talking about I pulled at his cupped hand. “No, no, that would have opened the fridge, just tension like you are about  to open it but aren’t quite opening it.” he explained.  And so I did.  He responded by putting pressure back into my hand and thereby directly me, guiding me, dancing with me.

Suddenly I was a twirling, spinning, dancing machine. My smile was so big I couldn’t keep it in.  As I concentrated so hard on ‘the fridge’ I was actually swing dancing like I had admired so many others in the past. I was dancing, not just bouncing back and forth dancing but really dancing.

It was the most delightful feeling and what I learned about myself that night was that I love dancing. I  really love it.  It makes me feel happy and vibrant and alive and I want to do it more.  I have to do it more.

Now over the years the hubby and I have discussed this dancing thing, he just wans’t ‘into it. He always suggested I take lessons alone or find someone else to go with but it never seemed ‘right’ to do that.

The day after the dance, the feeling remained and I was determined that by this time next year, I would be a much better dancer, I was going to take swing dancing lessons – with hubby or without.

The stars must have been aligned for me (or more likely it was that reticular activator) because 2 days later a ­Groupon came across my email for – you guessed it – Intro to Swing dancing lessons! Seriously, 6 weeks for twenty bucks a person – what a deal!!  Even more unbelievable, hubby said yes!

Though I am not quite sure why he said yes, I can’t help but think it may have been because he saw my passion, my strong & sincere desire and perhaps even my willingness to go without him if need be. He was definitely doing to please me.  I didn’t care why, I was just grateful.

So was spending $2000 and traveling across the country to find this out about myself worth it? Absolutely! I was thrilled and excited to start this next adventure and even happier to have my honey along for the ride.

Fast forward, not only did Randy and I sign up but my daughter and her honey went, too! We had so many laughs and learnings.  His doing this for me (when he really didn’t want to) really made me want to do even more for him.  We have been dancing around the living room, replaying youtube clips and generally having silly fun!  A win-win if there ever was one.

Enough about dancing – that’s not what this is about. It’s about you.

What do you love?

What have you been saying nah to, when everything inside of you is screaming yeah!

What are new (or past) passions are ready to be uncovered/discovered?

How will pursuing them make you feel? How will it enrich the lives of others in your circle of influence?

Pay attention to those things you love or would love to do.  Those things that make you happy just thinking about, those things that make you smile, that you can’t what to talk about.

These are the things that make you more interesting, happier, and satisfied. They reduce your  stress and help you focus on what’s going right. Not to mention you set a great example for those around you.

Stop waiting for a better time, now is the right time. Get off the hamster wheel for awhile and take one little step towards something you love.

For me, opening a fridge door with never be the same.

Have a great month!

Steph  🙂


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