Ditch the C.R.A.P.

Hey, it’s Stephanie Staples with a tip to help you keep emotionally well in turbulent times.

We all know being physically well will help us be more emotionally well, but if you’re like most people, you say; I don’t have enough time; I don’t have any energy; I don’t have enough money.  You know what? Enough of all that, there are a million reasons why we can’t be physically active and all these goods reasons can also be good excuses. I asked the group I was working with to tell me all the reasons that they couldn’t do be physically active and this is what they told me in the order they told they to me:





And I stopped right then and I got one of those healthcare intuitive hits and I looked back at my flip chart and I noticed that everything they said, the first letters, all spelled out C.R.A.P. –  commitments, attitude, responsibilities, priorities, C.R.A.P.

So, I hate to tell but there’s always going to be C.R.A.P. in your life. Maybe it’s a pandemic, maybe it’s a stomachache, maybe it’s just too hot, too cold, too windy. I don’t have the right bra.

There’s always a hundred reasons why not. So I’m just going to give you a quick tip. This is what I do because I mean if I could go to the gym for an hour a day, that’d be fantastic but I don’t, something is better than nothing. So how about a three-song exercise? Just put on three songs that you love, that kind of pump you up and do some physical activity while those songs are on.

That’s it. You can go up and down the stairs. You can do some crunches, you can do some squats. You just need your body. You don’t even need anything else. You don’t need to go anywhere. Just use your body.

Just move for three songs (make a play list of his energy songs you love). I find oftentimes I’m kind of into it after that and then 4 or 6 songs will go by.  Ten minutes will have gone by in a flash. So that’s one tip.

Number two, find a partner, virtual is perfect. My friend (who lives in a different province) and I  have 30-day challenges; every day for 30 days we pick one activity and  we hold each other accountable. One month we did pushups, one month we did squats. We don’t want to let the other person down and we sure don’t want the other person to win either! We may have that little bit of healthy competition going on.

So grab a partner and/or a three-song minimum, do it every day. It feels good. You can miss a day but never miss two days, two days, keeping physically strong and healthy is another important way to keep emotionally well in turbulent times.

Steph 🙂


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