Hey, it’s Stephanie Staples from and I am here with a little bit of COVID Crazy relief for you. I have rewritten the words to the Patsy Cline song called Crazy.

I hope it gives you a little bit of relief and maybe an idea or two to stay a little more positive. Here it is in all its imperfection.

Crazy, I think the whole world has gone crazy

Crazy, I think the whole world’s feeling blue

I know I must not go out into public

Cuz I I don’t want to spread my germs to you

Worry, it’s easy to let myself worry.

But then, COVID will be winning my mind over too.

Crazy I don’t think you have to go crazy

You can be helpful and grateful, creative and patient

And this crazy will pass by you

Worry, a mind filled with fright and worry

Can not all the good it should do 

Crazy, I don’t think the world will stay crazy

You watch – we will be outside, socialized, the the right things prioritized 

We will rise up and be better than new

I’m gonna be back at ya with a new tip, tool, idea every day for the next while to help us all get through this. Meanwhile, be calm & stay strong. Steph 🙂


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