Let’s collaborate to meet your objectives, coordinate with
your theme and create a unique & stellar event!
Arghh, don’t you hate contact forms? I do, too. So below are a plethora of other options to get a hold of me
(including a contact form, in case you are one of the 18 people who like those). 😝
If you would like to talk with me about making your event a true experience,  let’s start a conversation! If I am a great fit,  I will partner with your organization, work with your team, for your event!
Questions, comments, feedback and chocolate are most welcome!

Phone: 204.227.2165
Text: 204.227.2165
e-mail: Stephanie@YourLifeUnlimited.ca

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Meet Cosmo – our Branch Manager

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours, but please note, just as we want to help you prioritize, we have to do the same. This means health, especially my walks, and family come slightly ahead of business – even though you are very important to us!

Having said that, we promise we will:

  • phone you as quickly as we can
  • treat you as we would a beloved family member
  • appreciate being considered, no matter the outcome

We promise we won’t:

  • share your email address
  • chew up your furniture

If send a picture of your pet or kids or something that is special to you, Steph will send you something back!