The Complaint-Free Challenge

The Complaint-Free Challenge

I thought I was a pretty positive person, one that didn’t complain too much, but then reality struck! I’m just one week into my 30 Day Complaint-Free Challenge and I’d tell you how hard it is, but I don’t want to complain! So far I have a lot more questions than answers. 🤷

• Is swearing, giving a raspberry (or the finger) a complaint?
• Are statements complaints? “Boy, it’s hot out!”
• What if your complaint can help make something better? Saying “I think this fish is bad.” in a restaurant may save someone else from getting sick.
• Is it just a complaint if you just say it in your head? 🤐
• Does a negative emotion count as a complaint? 😖
• Does a reaction count as a complaint? 🙄

Many questions, few answers, so I looked it up…

Complaint – /kəmˈplānt/ noun
“a statement that something is unacceptable or unsatisfactory”

I still had more questions and so my smart FB friends came to the rescue and helped more than any dictionary definition…

* if it feels like a complaint, it is probably a complaint
* If it takes away your energy, it’s probably a complaint
* If it doesn’t make you curious how you can make it better, it’s probably a complaint

One week in and I’m suddenly hyper-aware of what’s coming out of not only my mouth but others. Especially The Hubs, poor guy. 🙊

“Is that a complaint?” I ask him for the umpteenth time after he says something negative and he finally snaps, “I’m not doing this challenge with you!!” 🙅

Roger, Dodger. I guess that was just a statement? 😮

With 80% of our thoughts being negative, it’s no wonder we are exhausted so often! 🤯

In most cases, a simple re-frame is all that’s required and you really will feel an energy shift. 🤩

When someone asks how you are, instead of answering ‘no complaints’ or ‘can’t complain’ – try answering ‘blessed’, ‘grateful’ or ‘happy’. It might just remind you that you are. 🥰

I think this challenge is very fitting and whether it’s for a day or a month, I encourage you to experience your own explosion of awareness as you notice and hopefully improve, the view of your world. 😃

The Complaint-Free Challenge, it’s just one more way to Live Your Life, Unlimited! 🤗


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